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Jim Smith of “Get Better Sound” launches “Through the Sound Barrier” as a Kickstarter Project

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Jim Smith's Through the Sound Barrier

Four years ago Jim Smith published Get Better Sound, educating audiophiles on correct system set up, tips to clean power, and much more. Get Better Soundput Jim the golden ear spotlight with his matter of fact tips, useful diagrams, and sound advice.  Two years ago, Get Better Sound, was put on 3 DVD disc and tens of thousands of audiophiles rejoiced.  Now Jim is launching his largest project yet, Through the Sound Barrier; a book, a DVD, a CD, a podcast, and newsletter. You now have no excuse to not listen or read to Jim’s transforming suggestions.  Jeff Day of Positive Feedback said, “I think what Jim is doing is one of the most important things to happen in audio in a very long time.”

Jim Smith explains:Jim Smith - Author of Get Better Sound“Without taking too much time to explain what is happening, let me say what I said to our backers – ‘Wow. What a ride the last day and a half has been. I’d just like to say how thrilled and humbled I am by everyone’s support here in the first hours of launching Through the Sound Barrier. I’ve seen people post about this on their favorite audiophile forums, on personal blogs, on Facebook, and more.

Your excitement is infectious!

Honestly, having been in the audio business for more than three decades, I always liked to think that I established some credibility, and that there were folks out there who appreciated and followed my ideas. But one never truly knows… Until now. It’s just a wonderfully gratifying thing to see how many audiophiles want to help take our love of music to the next level. This project is something YOU are making happen. It’s amazing to watch.’ ”

“Having read and implemented many of the tips in Get Better Sound, talked to Jim at shows, and continued to see an out poring of support for Jim’s advice from the audiophile community, I’m extremely excited to see what Jim brings to the table with his Through the Sound Barrier project.” – Adam LaBarge, Dagogo Reviewer.

Jim has worked at many different levels of the audiophile world over the past 30+ years. As a store manager, owner, importer, resource expert in system setup, product marketing, and most recently an author, he continues to help the hobby he loves and those involved in it.

To visit the Through the Sound Barrier project on Kickstarter –

For more information, contact Jim Smith at 770-777-2095, or, or visit the Get Better Sound website –

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One Response to Jim Smith of “Get Better Sound” launches “Through the Sound Barrier” as a Kickstarter Project

  1. Max says:

    Did you investigate what happened of this “noble project”?

    He raised a hundred thousand dollars and has not delivered a single thing.

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