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Joseph Cali presents Gryphon Audio Designs at The Pacific Design Center Studio 66

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August 29, 2019

Joseph Cali alongside his Gryphon lineup

(left to right) Lori (Joseph’s wife), Byron Baba, Joseph Cali.

I attended the Joseph Cali/Gryphon Grand Opening event Thursday, August 29, 2019 at his new showroom in the very upscale Pacific Design Center Studio 66.  The Pacific Design Center is a 1,600,000 square foot complex for the design community located in trendy West Hollywood, CA.  This is the West Coast’s top decorating and furniture market, with showrooms, public and private spaces, a branch of the Museum of Contemporary Art and two restaurants.  There are 100 showrooms which display and sell 2,200 interior product lines to professional interior designers, architects, facility managers, decorators and dealers and now the new life style section will have an audio salon that can cater an upscale music system to fill the needs of a music lover needing a top notch system.

Before the event started, I had a chance to chat with Joseph Cali (Joe) the owner of Joseph Cali Systems Design, Inc.  Joe for a number of years had a dual career as both an audiophile and an actor.  His first stereo was similar to many of us: A Garrard turntable, Kenwood receiver and KLH speakers.  His first acting role was playing Joey in Saturday Night Fever as part of John Travolta’s posse.  The two careers paralleled for a number of year with the audiophile side taking over completely.  Joe started out working for Christopher Hansen, Cello and eventually selling the complete line of Gryphon. He is married to accomplished recording artist Lori Lieberman and you will have the opportunity to listen to her wonderful recordings in his showroom.

Joe and the Gryphon importer Philip O’Hanlon demonstrated music from three different sources for the evening.  The tape deck, a Sonorus/Revox, was their favorite.  They also played music form their turntable and a laptop feeding music to their DAC.  The rest of the equipment was all Gryphon.  The music played was mainly vocals to show the outstanding soundstaging of the system.  Personally I would have preferred a little more orchestra or big band so I could hear the dynamics and see if the system could carry the full weight of an orchestra.  The music played was pleasant nonetheless and the wide soundstage was there.

The Pacific Design Center is a beautiful complex and Joseph Cali’s showroom fits in nicely to the upscale feel of the area.  Joe told me he feels the Gryphon Audio Systems is a top premier brand and there is no need to carry any other brand so other than the turntable ensemble and tape deck, Joseph Cali System’s Design carries exclusively Gryphon.  I recommend you call first for an appointment and you will be treated to wonderful music and first rate service.

Joseph Cali System Design, Inc.
Gryphon Audio Designs
8687 Melrose Avenue, Suite M66
West Hollywood, CA 90069

(310) 657-0104


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