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KingRex new uCraft USB cable separates power and signal

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KingRex, a Taiwanese HiFi manufacturers, has created a unique Y-type USB cable that separates the power and signal of the USB data from the audio source. In this case, there are two type A plugs that would use two USB ports on your computer. It appears that one sends more power than the other, which would just be sending the data. On the single ended side of the Y-type cable is a USB B plug that would go to a DAC.

KingRex also cryogenically treats the cable, giving it a deep freeze all the way down to minus 320 degree F. This technique is used by many other cable manufacturers and is said to align the elements on the cable which in turn offers a better sounding cable.

KingRex also gives the option of plugging one of the A type USB plugs into their new $189 uPower battery supply. uPower runs two 3.75V Sanyo Lithium-ion cells which offers a stable and computer noise freeze power source.

uCraft Specs:
Conductor Material: Silver-plated OFC
Cable design: Cable design:Shield:Double shielding(tin plated wire + alminum tape)/Insulator:Polyolefin/ Sheath:PVC (PolyVinyl Chloride)
Structure:Flat (Inverted concentric structure) USB plug type A-B (A*2 -B*1)
Plug : A *2 (one is for signal and another one is for power *suggest to compare with U Power*) B *1 Special treatment : SubZero treatment in -196 centigrade
Isolation wire color:Blue
USB plug: 24K gold plated 1μ (micron inch) Length : 2M
100% Hand Made

More information at KingRex

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