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LH Labs’ “Geek Out” Ships to Anxious Kickstarter Backers

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Advanced Tech-Performance Headphone Amp and DAC Raised Over $300,000

March 3, 2014-Sacramento, CA – LH Labs, a division of California based Light Harmonic, began shipping their first crowdfunded product, “Geek Out” on Friday, February 28th to over 1500 Kickstarter backers.

“Geek Out” is a thumb-drive-sized portable USB DAC (digital-to-analog converter) which plugs into a laptop’s USB port and processes digital music files in all available formats, combined with a state-of-the-art headphone amplifier and spatialization technology which creates a 3-D soundfield around the listener’s head, or what LH Labs’ refers to as the “3D Awesomifier”. “Geek Out” recently won the 2013 PFO Writers Choice Award from Positive Feedback Online and was featured in the iLounge Pavilion at the 2014 International CES.

The Geek Out Kickstarter campaign hit its $28,000 goal in less than 11 hours, raising more than $300,000 and securing more than 1500 orders during the thirty-day campaign. “Geek Out” continued its crowdfunding success as part of LH Labs most recent campaign featuring a desktop version called “Geek Pulse”. The “Geek Pulse” Indiegogo campaign raised over $1,277,000 making it one of the most successful crowdfunding projects in Indiegogo history, and giving LH Labs more than $1.5 million in crowdfunding revenue in less than six months.

“Geek Out” is up to 25 times more powerful than a computer headphone jack, and will play super high resolution audio, up to 384 kHz / 32 bit, decodes DSD and DSD2 (DSD64/128) audio natively and has two 3.5mm output headphone jacks. It comes in three different power output models; Geek Out 450 ($199), Geek Out 720 ($249), and Geek Out 1000 ($299), and is available in four different colors, Diamond Black, Chalice Silver, Cobalt Blue and Vivid Red.

“This experience has given us more than we ever thought possible,” says Gavin Fish, VP of Sales and Marketing for Light Harmonic. “Using crowdfunding as a way to introduce our newest product provided our team with great incentive. Knowing that we had a product our backers wanted was great, but we also had a responsibility to deliver the product they expected, and we worked around the clock to make sure that ‘Geek Out’ would knock it out of the park. We can’t wait for our backers to get their hands on it. We know they will be very pleased.”


LH Labs will continue to ship “Geek Out” to their Kickstarter backers this week, sending out more than 1500 Geek Outs across the country and internationally.

About LH Labs: LH Labs is a division of Light Harmonic whose vision is simple: make sound, sound better, building advanced tech-performance audio products designed by the people that use them. Follow LH Labs online at and through social media:

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