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Linn Krane tonearm for Majik LP12 gets shipping date

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 The following is a press release from Linn.


Announced in September, the new Krane tonearm for Linn Majik LP12 has been given a shipping date of 23rd November. From this date, all new Majik LP12 turntables will ship with the new higher performance arm fitted as standard.

The new Krane tonearm boosts the performance of Linn’s entry level vinyl source in line with the recent Majik DSM enhancements and, in combination with the new Karousel bearing, offers even better value while giving vinyl lovers a chance to experience the iconic LP12 in an affordable package.

Developed in partnership with renowned manufacturer, Clearaudio, the new higher performance arm has been designed for Linn effective length and offset angle to ensure complete congruity with all Linn cartridges and other related LP12 components and accessories.

The static-balanced design is hand assembled with high quality, precision aluminium and stainless steel components and features a polished Tungsten and Sapphire vertical bearing with dual ceramic horizontal bearing assembly, both of which are long-lasting and provide very low friction/rotational mass.

Krane has a range of adjustments making it easy to set up, including a laser etched scale for accurate and repeatable VTA adjustment, azimuth adjustment combined with a fixed offset angle to ensure perfect alignment of the cartridge and stylus, and an adjustable headshell design to ensure effective length is absolutely precise for proper cartridge alignment and performance.

The two-piece CNC Aluminium headshell, featuring the distinctive Linn 3-point design, makes it a perfect match for Linn’s Adikt Moving Magnet cartridge. However, the easily adjustable design means that Krane is also compatible with all Linn cartridges plus most 3rd party offerings.

Gilad Tiefenbrun, Linn Managing Director, said, ‘We’re delighted to give Majik LP12 a further boost in performance with the addition of the new Krane tonearm. Retrieving even more detail from the record, the improved tonearm delivers even better sound quality and will bring vinyl lovers closer to the music that moves them. The dual improvements of Krane and the Karousel bearing ensure that no other entry level turntable comes close to the value and performance of Majik LP12.


Pricing & availability

Krane tonearm is available as part of a full Majik LP12 turntable order and can be heard at Linn Specialists worldwide. All Linn Specialists offer socially distanced demonstrations and are ready to welcome you safely into their store but please contact in advance as local restrictions may be in place.

Majik LP12 with Karousel bearing, Krane tonearm and standard wood finish is $4,995 ex. tax.

Majik LP12 with a special finish is $5,424ex. tax.

Krane tonearm will be made available as an upgrade for existing Majik LP12 owners in 2021.


Krane tonearm – technical details

Krane features:

  • Designed & built to Linn geometry and effective length
  • Static-balanced design with dual ceramic bearing assembly for longevity and low friction & rotational mass
  • Anti-skating control via an easily accessible magnetic mechanism on the side of the tonearm
  • Various adjustments for easy, accurate set-up
  • 3-point headshell for correct Linn alignment geometry and compatibility with all Linn cartridges and most third-party designs
  • 5-Pin DIN cable connection for use with Linn T-Kable
  • Linn designed arm collar to fit Majik and Kore sub-chassis
  • Supplied with a cartridge weighting scale


Krane Specifications:

  • Effective Length – 229 mm
  • Overhang – 18 mm
  • Offset Angle – 24°
  • Pivot to Spindle distance – 211 mm


About Linn

Linn designs and makes the world’s best music systems.

We have just one goal in mind: to bring you ever closer to the music you love, for you to feel every note and experience your music with a clarity and power unlike anything you’ve ever heard.

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