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LINN Series 5

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A breakthrough new concept in high performance, customisable music systems for the home

Linn 520 Aubergine Grey Lounge

World-renowned music system manufacturer, Linn, unveils Series 5 – two stylish new systems offering a unique solution for music in the home.

Created as part of an exciting collaboration with some of the most respected names in fashion and design, Series 5 music systems deliver world-class sound in a package that offers previously unachievable levels of personalisation.

Thanks to its ground-breaking Exakt technology, Linn introduces the concept of high performance, completely customisable music systems. With a Linn Fabrik covered design, it is possible to choose a tailor-made solution that complements the décor of any home and optimises for the best performance in the room.


The Unique Qualities of Linn Fabrik

Series 5 features a new textile speaker covering – Linn Fabrik – which has been designed to provide an elegant, contemporary and customisable look.

Textiles offer incredible versatility, but it’s only now through the development of Linn Fabrik and the use of Linn’s intelligent Exakt technology that it has been possible to create a fabric covered music system that delivers exceptional sound.

Limitless possibilities for personalisation

Linn 530 Timorous Beasties Scottish Thistle

For the launch of Series 5, Linn has designed the first Linn Fabrik collection, consisting of three stylish weaves and eleven beautiful colours. With a variety of subtle and bright tones, and the ability to change the cover whenever you like, there’s a Linn Fabrik to complement the décor of any home.

Linn has partnered with iconic fabric designers, Timorous Beasties and Harris Tweed Hebrides, to create new speaker cover collections – due for release in early 2016.

With more collections launching throughout 2016 and beyond, it is possible to update your Series 5 speaker with new Linn Fabriks that will match the changing design of your home.


Optimised for Performance

The options for personalisation don’t end with how the system looks; using Linn’s Space Optimisation+ technology, Series 5 speakers can be placed wherever they look best in the room, removing the need to place speakers in the optimal position for sound quality. This powerful technology eliminates the unwanted distorting effects of every room to reveal the true sound of the music.


The Systems

Linn 530 Oatmeal Day Lounge

Linn launched its first range of innovative Exakt products in September 2013. Series 5 adds to this Exakt family, delivering two beautifully-styled new Exakt systems comprising an Akurate Exakt DSM and a choice of Linn 530 or Linn 520 floorstanding loudspeakers.

Series 5 achieves the performance of a much larger and more expensive music system within a compact and highly customisable aesthetic. Both new loudspeaker models feature a set of Linn Fabrik covers and a beautiful, jewel-cut glass top plate and stand.

The elegant Linn 530 System provides power, precision and incredible musical accuracy, while its little sister, the Linn 520 System exudes musicality and style with a discreet form factor.

The Akurate Exakt DSM is the hub of a Series 5 system, and has connections for all music sources, whether that’s streaming music from online streaming services such as TIDAL and Qobuz, playing your treasured music collection or connecting a turntable.



Pricing and Availability

Systems are available to audition at Linn Specialists throughout the world.

Read more about Series 5:

530 System: Prices start from £12,000

520 System: Prices start from £9,250

Customers can choose from 11 Linn Fabrik covers and a grey, white or black top plate and stand. Collections from Timorous Beasties and Harris Tweed Hebrides will be available from early 2016.



Linn design and make the best music systems in the world. Based in Scotland and established since 1973, Linn manufacture everything in-house, from the electronics in their industry-leading Linn DS technology to the loudspeakers found in homes around the world. The iconic Sondek LP12 turntable continues to set the standard for vinyl playback and the latest digital stream players out-perform any CD or network music player available.

Linn systems are sold through a worldwide network of specialist retailers who also share a passion for enriching people’s lives through music. Linn were awarded a Royal Warrant in 2002 as suppliers of entertainment systems to the Royal Household, and received the Queen’s Award for Enterprise in Innovation in 2012.



Exakt technology has enabled Linn to completely revolutionise the design and manufacture of music systems. Extending the lossless digital signal path further than ever before, Exakt eliminates sources of noise and distortion that exist in the traditional analogue hi-fi chain.

Exakt turns the loudspeaker into an intelligent, connected, software-upgradeable product. This enables a wide range of performance- and personalisation-enhancing capabilities, guaranteeing a performance that eliminates distortion, corrects for variation and is personalised for the home.


Space Optimisation

Every Linn DS player now has Space Optimisation technology built in. Adapted from the optimisation technology developed for Exakt systems, this innovative technology builds an acoustic model of the complete listening environment based on the choice of loudspeaker, the placement of the speakers and the unique characteristics of the listening room, regardless of the speaker manufacturer and type.

Using this model, performance is optimised, revealing the true sound of the music and offering an unparalleled level of personalisation.


Timorous Beasties

Multi-award-winning and internationally acclaimed design team, Timorous Beasties, was an obvious choice for Linn. Known for their provocative and surreal designs, they, like Linn, are Glasgow-based and undertake all design and production from one location, overseeing the entire process and giving them the freedom to create as they choose.

The collaboration was a dream from the start, with Alistair McAuley offering ten of Timorous Beasties’ most iconic designs which were then adapted for the Linn Fabrik speaker covers.

The resulting ten prints, including designs such as Kaleido Splatt, Cloud Toile Grey and Grand Blotch Damask, are featured in a stunning collection that will inspire those looking for a truly original finish for their Series 5 system.


Harris Tweed Hebrides

Known the world over and the only company with fabric protected by an act of parliament, Harris Tweed cloth creates speaker covers that lend timeless, classic styling to Linn’s Series 5 speakers.

Linn is delighted to collaborate with a brand that exhibits their shared values of passion, quality workmanship and exacting standards. Harris Tweed is still woven today in the Outer Hebrides by skilled craftspeople who are celebrated for their weaving excellence and dedication to their product.

In demand from a multitude of designers for clothing and accessories, furniture and furnishings, the mix of modern designs and traditional methods have made Harris Tweed a must-have item for discerning customers across the globe for over one hundred years.

The collection for Linn’s Series 5 speakers features stylish and traditional brown and green herringbone weaves – the perfect accompaniment to both modern and classic room decors.

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