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Magnepan announces new model

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“Unorthodox Press Announcement”
Magnepan just announced an updated revision to its MMG, now called MMGi. The USA retail price of the MMGi is $650 pair. All the policies of the MMG home trial program applies.
According to Wendell Diller of Magnepan:
MMGi [is] the first sonic upgrade since the MMG was introduced in 1995. It is our policy to neither describe how we achieved a sonic improvement nor to indicate what the subjective improvements might be. For those customers who have never heard an MMG, it may not matter. But, they can be assured that the “appetizer” got a little better.
It is our policy that a new model must be proven to be audibly superior in a blind test. The relative importance of that improvement is for the press to decide upon and describe.
In his press release to various publications including Dagogo, Wendell reiterated the company’s philosophy most determinedly in his public appeal to an anonymous industry affiliate to withhold its opinion of the MMGi, albeit a positive one supposedly: “… the Golden Ears at a well-known, high-end electronics manufacturer heard and approved of the sonic improvement of the MMGi. We asked that they not share their observations.”
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