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Margules Group debuts the new Orpheus speakers at CAS8

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Mexico City: We are happy to announce the introduction of the new Orpheus Speakers of MARGULES®, the new upgrades and technology behind the latest designs of our Orpheus Line. The Introduction of our new technology for the enclosure, “MARE” (Multilayer Anti-Resonance Enclosure), the new Phase Coherent X-Over, the new internal continuous cast coper wiring, and the Aesthetics behind the Machined exotic hardwood and Fenix NTM® finishes.

Our CEO and designer Julian Margules has worked in the development and design of audio equipment for over 40 years, and the Orpheus Line compiles all the achievements to create a product that will stir emotions to any music lover. Provoking reports such as “The speakers were conveying a huge, majestic sound stage with astonishing cohesion for a 2.5-way design.” Part-Time Audiophile”.

The Orpheus have a low mass high internal sound velocity ceramic drivers, allocated In different chambers to optimize its alignments.

The CrossOver is carefully tailored as a first order, phase and amplitude coherent as well deals with the typical high frequency resonance of the ceramic drivers, giving a soft, reach dynamic sound. The cross over is made with pure copper air coils to avoid any type of saturation and therefore sound compression, audio grade capacitors with low loses and internal wiring is made with continuous cast ofcc (oxygen free continuous cast) copper cable.

The stiff cabinet is constructed in 4 different layers, one of composite concrete with fiver and HDF, engineered reducing to minimum enclosure resonances, its shape avoid the comb effect and diffraction losses.

The front panel is machined from a single solid tropical hardwood (Tzalam), the lateral panels are made of two laminated layers with a nanotechnology material that in the case of a scratch can reconstruct itself, called Fenix NTM®.

All the technological achievements are capitalized with an industrial design was made by a renowned studio, “MUTABLE”.


Frequency response: 40 Hz-35 kHz
Sensitivity: 88 dB/2.82v/m
Impedance: 4 Ohm
Recommended power (max): 30 to 120 watts
X-Over: 6 db/ Oct. 600, 2,000 Hz
Max. Sound Pressure at 1m: 112 dB
Weight: 48 kg each
Dimensions (height, width, depth): H122 cm x W26 cm x D35 cm

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