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McIntosh Announces Partnership with Tokyo Record Bar

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New York City, NY – An exciting new partnership between New York City’s own World of McIntosh and Tokyo Record Bar has been announced. The brands have come together to celebrate a complete McIntosh product integration within the design of Tokyo Record Bar, blending the two iconic brands into one unique and immersive dining and listening experience designed for the most discerning food and music lovers.

The collaboration includes a new offering allowing the Tokyo Record Bar to become a year-long extension of the World of McIntosh Townhouse, outfitted with the finest McIntosh products for a remarkable vinyl experience. Further, the World of McIntosh Townhouse will serve as a venue for the Tokyo Record Bar to extend their dining experience to larger groups, pending reservation.

The partnership was launched at an intimate event on Thursday, Feb. 21st, where guests previewed the new offering as the Tokyo Record Bar’s underground experience was recreated at the World of McIntosh in Soho for the first time. Complete with the restaurant’s signature several-course meal, Saki pairings and dinner-curated vinyl playlist.

Dagogo took the advantage of the launch and invited David Mascioni, McIntosh’s Senior Marketing Manager to provide insights into Japanese audiophiles’ affinity for McIntosh, and the choice of NYC for the first of such a collaboration. The following are his answers:

Japanese audiophiles’ affinity for McIntosh
Personally, I’ve have always been impressed by the Japanese culture, I find it to be very elaborated and elevated without compromising on quality. You can see this obsessive detail-oriented culture reflected in Japanese food and fashion, emphasizing that the Japanese consumer is quality-driven. This is why a company like McIntosh resonates well with this audience, Japanese audiophiles adopted the McIntosh brand and products because we strive toward perfection and pay attention to the details. We do not compromise when it comes to beauty and sound quality. Furthermore, the Japanese culture focuses a lot on tradition and heritage, similar to McIntosh. Our brand has been the ultimate audio traditional for over 70 years, working to design, engineer and create products by hand in the United States.

The choice of NYC for the first of such a collaboration
This collaboration is really special and organic. The McIntosh Group’s experience center is located in New York, so we naturally heard of a new hot restaurant in the city offering a unique vinyl-based dining experience, The Tokyo Record Bar. We felt the partnership was a natural fit and immediately wanted to work with them to elevate the restaurant’s audio experience and create a unique, “on-demand” pop-up of the Tokyo Bar within the World of McIntosh Townhouse. We outfitted the Tokyo Record Bar with the finest McIntosh Gear and now our space will serve as an extension of the restaurant for larger parties upon reservation.

Ariel Arce, founder of Tokyo Record Bar (left), David Mascioni, McIntosh Senior Marketing Manager (right)


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