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Meridian Offers Special Edition Performance Upgrade to Existing DSP Loudspeaker Owners

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Following the introduction of Meridian’s new Special Edition DSP Loudspeakers, the company has announced that it is offering an upgrade service to Meridian’s DSP8000, DSP7200 and most versions of the DSP5200. Existing owners can upgrade them now to the new Special Edition specification* – the most lifelike loudspeakers that Meridian has made to date.

Meridian launched the Special Edition in honour of the 25th anniversary of the world’s first digital loudspeaker, Meridian’s D600 – the foundation of today’s DSP Digital Active Loudspeakers. The Special Edition provides a wealth of innovations that will enhance listening pleasure and enjoyment of any type of music.

This unique Special Edition Upgrade delivers:

• New Firmware with Enhanced Bass Alignment
Music is all about timing, and thanks to the incorporation of EBA, this upgrade will bring a level of time coherency to your loudspeakers that has been impossible until now. In any loudspeaker, bass signals are delayed compared to real life, where all frequencies arrive in time. EBA employs special filters to progressively delay upper bass frequencies, as well as delays to align higher frequencies. The result goes far beyond conventional ‘time-alignment’, and can only be achieved with a DSP loudspeaker. The new firmware also adds other features such as custom display legends.

• New Meridian-designed Beryllium-dome tweeter
Beryllium is many times stiffer than aluminium, the existing tweeter cone material, which means that the dome is a more perfect piston, reducing coloration and enhancing transient handling. In addition, the tweeter has an extended high frequency response, ideal for reproducing the latest high-resolution recordings.

• New Wideband Electronics with added DSP
The entire audio electronics complement of the loudspeaker is replaced, to double the DSP power – with two chips instead of one. The amplifiers have been redesigned and new analogue filters installed. The result is an increase in the audio bandwidth of the loudspeakers so that their in-room response is 25Hz–32kHz (±3dB).

• New Complete System Warranty
Customers upgrading to Meridian’s Special Edition will receive a brand new warranty – not simply on the new components, but on the whole loudspeaker system. And by registering the upgrade on the Meridian web site, the customer can extend it significantly. Upgrading your DSP5200s or DSP7200s includes an additional 2-year system warranty, increased to 3 years on registration. Upgrading your DSP8000s provides 3 years of warranty, extended to a full 6 years on registration.

These new features all work together in concert to create the most authentic and lifelike-sounding loudspeakers Meridian has ever offered. For full details or to arrange a demonstration, existing owners should contact their local Meridian retail partner directly.

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  1. Loren Kragh says:

    How much to do SE upgrade to DSP 5200?

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