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Merrill Audio Announces the Veritas Twins and Veritas Siamese Twins Amplifiers

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Merrill Audio Veritas Twins and Siamese Twins Amplifier

This month Merrill Audio expanded upon Monoblock Veritas amplifier with two new models, a Dual Mono version, Veritas Twins (US $9000.00), and Bridged Monoblocks called the Veritas Siamese Twins (US $18000.00).  The two new models are built around the next generation, ultra high-end, class D Hypex Ncore NC1200 modules.  This latest generation of class D module from Hypex is aimed at challenging the top end class A/B amplifier at a much lower price point. Specifically, the NC1200 module offers a significant increase in speed and detail while remaining musical and emotionally engaging.

The Veritas Twins and Veritas Siamese Twins both maintain the high level of sonic and build quality of the Veritas Monoblocks amplifiers.

The Veritas Twins (US $9000.00), in a smaller single chassis for audiophiles with constraints on space, is made from a single aluminum billet with a single power cord for both channels, and a single Remote Trigger controls both channels.

The Veritas Siamese Twins (US $18.000.00) offer the ability to bridge the amplifiers, which can increase speed and lower the noise floor, for those who are after the very top end of the sonic benefits of the Ncore NC1200.

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