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MIT Cables 2016 CES system details

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“MIT Cables is pleased to announce our plans for CES 2016 where we will be demonstrating with Constellation Audio and Martin Logan. Come by and experience the thrilling sound of Martin Logan’s Neolith loudspeaker driven by Constellations Reference Altair II and Hercules II Amplifiers and MIT’s award winning interfaces and power conditioning. All will be showcased at each venue. Join us at the Venetian Towers January 6-10, 2016.”

Constellation Audio Suite: Venetian Towers 34-210
Martin Logan Venue 1: Venetian Suite 30-118
Martin Logan Venue 2: Venetian Suite 30-120

Speaker Cables:
MIT Cables Oracle MA-X SHD 2C3D Rev.1 Speaker Interfaces
The Absolute Sound 2013 Product of the Year and
Editor’s Choice 2013, 2014, and 2015

MIT Cables Oracle Matrix HD 90 Rev.2 Speaker Interfaces
The Absolute Editor’s Choice 2013, and 2014

MIT Cables Oracle MA-X SHD XLR  Audio Interconnects
The Absolute Sound  Product of the Year 2008 and 2013
Editor’s Choice 2009, 2013, 2014, and 2015

MIT Cables Z Powerbar
MIT Cables Magnum ZIII Power Cords

Martin Logan Neolith
The Absolute Sound 2015 Product of the Year

Constellation’s Reference Altair II Preamplifier
The Absolute Sound 2015 Product of the Year

Constellation’s Reference Hercules II Stereo amplifier
The Absolute Sound 2015 Product of the Year


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