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MIT Cables Vero Indiegogo Campaign Summary

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MIT Cables started the Vero Indiegogo Campaign on March 24th, 2015, and raised its $10,000 goal within a few hours. The Vero line or Vero Headphone Cabling System comprises the Vero Reference Cable at $899, Vero Full Range Cable at $499, Vero Standard Universal Dongle at $299, Vero Bass Dongle at $350 and Vero Adaptor Dongle at $299. The recent addition of the Reference Cable and the Vero Adapter had added nearly $10,000 to the campaign.

Vero Headphone Indiegogo Video:

The following is information on each Vero product:

Vero Reference Cable

The Vero Reference Cable can be terminated to your headphones using the same options offered for the Vero Full Range Cable. The Vero Reference Cable houses the same technology that the Vero Full Range Cable has, and includes 21 Poles of Articulation. The Full Range Vero holds 12 poles. The difference in what you hear is based on the larger number of Articulation Poles. MIT’s Poles of Articulation synergistically work together to transport the audio signal with a more even, or flatter response than just a single cable. With the additional 9-Articulation Poles, the Bass is more controlled, the Mid-Range is smoother and more extended highs. The noise floor has been dramatically dropped once again.See more about MIT’s Multipole Technology.  MSRP: $899


Vero Full Range Cable

The Vero Full Range Cable utilizes MIT Cables patented Multipole™ Technology, which is a parallel and passive network that helps maintain the quality of signal as it passes from source to headphones. The Vero Full Range Cable has 12 Poles of Articulation strategically placed across the full audible spectrum (20hz-20khz) and is designed to work with specific headphones (i.e., Audeze LCD Series, Mr. Speaker Alpha Series, etc.). MSRP: $499


Vero Standard Universal Dongle

The Vero Standard Universal Dongle also utilizes MIT Cables patented Multipole™ Technology, and also has 12 Poles of Articulation and was developed as a way to integrate Multipole™ Technology with headphones that have non detachable cables and to enhance other aftermarket cables. We have estimated that the “Standard Universal Dongle” can perform at about 70%-80% of the “Vero Full Range Cable” depending on the combination of headphones and cables used.  MSRP: $299


Vero Bass Dongle

The Vero Bass Dongle also utilizes Multipole™ Technology by containing the 10 Poles of Articulation within the last 3 lower octaves, producing a much fuller and natural sounding bass and can be used with both the Vero Full Range Cable and the Vero Standard Universal Dongle as well as other manufacturer cables. MSRP $350


Vero Adapter Dongle 

The Vero “Adapter” Dongle will house one of the technologies that has been used in MIT’s Reference Category of Products for years. This technology reduces all forms of extraneous noise generated by such things as your digitizer, amplifier or passive elements found within your audio or headphone systems. The MIT Technology that will be included within the Vero “Adapter” Dongle will reduce the noise floor and increase the low level detail. Listeners often refer to this as creating a “blacker” background. With the noise removed, timbres and textures are more accurately heard, while sound staging and images within the sound stage are also enhanced. The term ‘Holographic’ is often used to describe what the listener hears. MSRP $299

Vero Headphone Cabling System


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