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New Album Releases Project 2020-1-18

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NARP, the New Album Releases Project, got its start at NAR, New Album Releases, and back then – January 17,  2018, I had no idea that it would evolve into a project and be still going strong just about two years later. A proper backgrounder can be read here:

In light of NARP’s longevity and my personal/selfish (transparency) predilections, starting on January 4, 2020, NARP will be first published at Dagogo,, and subsequently, the post’s link will be shared as it always has in/on the NARP Facebook group.

The groupings of New Releases, Re-issues, Re-masters and Miscellany shall stay the same. Within Miscellany one might find all manner of live performances, as well as archival/historic recordings.

Note: entries in both bold and larger typeface particularly drew my attention this week.


New Releases

Anika Nilles, Nevell – For a Colorful Soul

Brian Lynch Big Band – The Omni-American Book Club, My Journey Through Literature in Music

Christian Scott aTundeAdjuah – Diaspora

Combo Chimbita – Ahomale

Djabe& Steve Hackett – Back To Sardinia

Dorsey Skaff Clark – Monktime

Eminem – Music To Be Murdered By

Fazil Say – Beethoven – Piano Sonatas Nos 1, 2 & 3

Fazil Say – Beethoven – Piano Sonatas Nos 15, Pastoral, 16, 17, Tempest & 18

Fazil Say – Beethoven – Piano Sonatas Nos 4, 5, 6 & 7

Get The Blessing – Rarer Teas

Halsey – Manic

Jazz Organix – Lemongrass Lady

Jean-Claude Bouveresse – Bach – 6 Sonatas & Partitas for Solo Violin

Jonny Greenwood, Michael Gordon – Volume 2: Industry Water

Laurie Anderson – Songs from the Bardo

Puerto Candelaria – Cantina la Foule

Riccardo Muti, Alexey Tikhomirov, Chicago SO & Chorus – Shostakovich – Symphony No. 13 Babi Yar (Live)

ThorbjornRisager& The Black Tornado – Come on In

UçUç – The Constant Fear of Being Judged (By You)


ReIssues & ReMasters & Miscellany

Cal Tjader – Latin Kick

Carmen McRae – Miss Jazz


Share with your friends, share with your enemies. Music does not discriminate, nor should it.

In the interest of making NARP even more portable than it is, I’ve made the list downloadable so it cannot only be read but shared from my Google Drive.

——   narp18012020.gdoc   —

Now NARP is portable, it can be taken wherever one goes.


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