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New Album Releases Project 2020-10-26

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And then there were … Liner Notes:

Found me and/or the industry hitting a wall this past week. Can’t put my finger on it, but not just the quantity, but the quality wasn’t there in abundance. No matter though, as there were indeed some nuggets.

Melody Gardot’s Sunset in The Blue, her 5th album, and yes, I’m indeed counting as there can never be enough Melody in our life and song. Having made Paris her home since 2017, this latest album was conceived and produced during a lockdown. Her collaborations with the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra on various tracks instill a musical depth to an album full of moods and textures. Sunset in The Blue celebrates Melody’s global influences on her music.

Ray Thomas’s Words & Music (Moody Blues) and Steve Howe’s Love Is (Yes) jogged my memories of the two super groups and listening to each of these records had me appreciate their contributions to the two groups.

Modestas Pitrėnas and the Lithuanian National Symphony’s recording of works by Ciurlionis reminded me of both Sibelius and Nielsen for the composer’s majestic scapes both land and sea.

John Storgårds and the Lapland Chamber Orchestra’s recording of orchestral works by the Finnish composer Outi Tarkiainen. The composer has come seemingly out of nowhere to become the Finnish darling of contemporary music warranting performances. By the BBC Philharmonic (at the Proms), Finnish Radio Symphony Orchestra, Iceland Symphony Orchestra, and the Detroit Symphony Orchestra.

“Tarkiainen has written several works that are strongly connected to the Northern landscape of Lapland and the culture of its Sámi inhabitants. The song-cycle The Earth, Spring’s Daughter is based on texts by Sámi writers and also her saxophone concerto Saivo is based on Sámi mythology.”

Outi Tarkiainen is an impressive composer of our time, of this generation, and one whose music is not only to be heard but her new compositions to be eagerly awaited.

Lastly, Tom Petty – Wildflowers and All the Rest (Deluxe Edition) Box-Set. What a fitting tribute to the artist. From start to finish, the care and devotion to the playlist and sonics should make even the uninitiated, a fan of Tom Petty.


New Releases

Aubrey Logan, Bill Cantos – L.A. Network – Ella On Our Mind

Bruce Springsteen – Letter To You

Modestas Pitrėnas, Lithuanian National Symphony Orchestra –

Ciurlionis: The Sea; In the Forest; Kestutis

Gorillaz – Song Machine, Season One – Strange Timez (Deluxe)

Hakkila – Haydn: Eight Early Sonatas – Hakkila

Jefferson Starship – Mother Of The Sun

Joe Bonamassa – Royal Tea

John Storgards, Lapland Chamber Orchestra – Tarkiainen: The Earth, Spring’s Daughter | Saivo

Jorg Halubek – 50°53’53.9N 10°33’22.6E (Bach Organ Landscapes)

Luedji Luna – Bom Mesmo É Estar Debaixo D’Água

Melody Gardot – Sunset In The Blue

Ray Thomas – Words & Music

Steve Howe – Love Is


Re-Issues, Re-Masters & Miscellany

Pearl Jam – MTV Unplugged

Rory Gallagher – The Best Of

Tom Petty – Wildflowers and All the Rest (Deluxe Edition) Box-Set

Weather Report – Live in London


Share NARP with your friends, share it with your enemies. Now, more than ever, the walls just “gotta’ come down. Music does not discriminate. Let’s be like music.


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