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New Album Releases Project 2020-10-4

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Wild and Woolly are the words to come to mind as I pen these liner notes:

How can I say NO to the SHATNER? This album of his entitled The Blues will become a classic. If for nothing else, in 20 years, his version of Sunshine for Your Love will be covered by The Family Guy’s Stewie Griffin and instantly morph into a cult classic.

Malia’s Garden of Eve took me nicely by surprise. A truly decent effort all the way around. I found my listening through more than a few times.

John Daversa Quintet’s Cuarantena came out of the left field and I’m glad that it did.  The album felt just so personal, especially for these special times.

Paul Carrack’s Another Side of Paul Carrack just goes to show his versatility. I normally bristle when artists come out with an album comprised primarily of American popular standards, but as I’ve been listening to more and more of Carrack, he is truly one of music’s most underrated vocalists.

Tomoya Nakai’s SWING: JAZZ with the Koto is truly something. Zing go the string of his Koto, a Japanese stringed instrument, which has to be heard in this content, if for no other reason to introduce oneself to Japan’s national instrument in a wholly unconventional manner.

Robert Plant’s Digging Deep: Subterranea is here to tell us that Robert still has it and is capable of bringing it with maturity and class.

Status Quo’s two-track EP, Face the Music reminded me why I was such a big fan of the band back in the day, and for those unfamiliar, here’s your opportunity to look for their albums in record ships and/or your favourite streaming service.

And then there are these Re-Issues:

  • Pierre Fournier – Dvorák: Concerto pour violoncelle No. 2, Trio Dumky
  • Steve Maii & Teresa Bright – Catching a Wave
  • Thelonious Monk – Palo Alto
  • Walter Bishop Jr. – Keeper of My Soul


New Releases

Bon Jovi – 2020

Chopin – Piano Concertos – Grosvenor, Royal Scottish National Orchestra

Christine and the Queens – La vita nuova

Don Grusin – Out of Thin Air

Helene Grimaud – The Messenger

Joe Farnsworth – Time to Swing

John Daversa Quintet – Cuarantena With Family At Home

Ken Colyer – Wishing Well

Koki Fujimoto – Fernando Sor Guitar Works

Kraan – Sandglass

Malia – The Garden of Eve

Paul Carrack – Another Side of Paul Carrack

Roger Waters – Us + Them

Queen + Adam Lambert – Live Around The World

Robert Plant – Digging Deep: Subterranea

Status Quo – Face the Music (EP)

Thierry Caens, Sam Garcia, L’orchestretypique – Thierry Caens et le piston magique

Tingvall Trio – Dance

Tobias Tammearu Trio – Bivium

Tomoya Nakai– SWING: JAZZ with the Koto

William Shatner – The Blues


Re-Issues, Re-Masters & Miscellany

Chubby Checker – Dancin’ Party: The Chubby Checker Collection – 1960-1966

Pierre Fournier – Dvorák: Concerto pour violoncelle No. 2, Trio Dumky

Ry Cooder – Just A Workin’ Man

Steve Maii& Teresa Bright – Catching a Wave

Thelonious Monk – Palo Alto

Walter Bishop Jr. – Keeper of My Soul


Share NARP with your friends, share it your enemies. Now, more than ever, the walls just “gotta’ come down. Music does not discriminate. Let’s be like music.


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