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New Album Releases Project 2020-8-2

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Real winners this week, I spent a lot of time listening and re-listening to recordings, so let’s dig in.

Jennifer Pike’s Elgar and Vaughan Williams. I am such a fan of hers, having attended numerous performances in London and just got lost In the fluidity of the music and the intimacy of the recording. Kudos to Pike, Roscoe and Chandos.

Alanis Morisette’s Such Pretty Forks in The Road. What a welcome return. As if she had never gone on hiatus, and the whole record, her voice just evoked so many wonderful memories of people and events gone by.

Gillian Welch’s The Lost Songs, Vol .1. There is something so honest and touching to this recording. I did not want for it to end, so soothing and simple in its presentation belying all the hard work.

Spatial Vox’s Cause Of Shining In Your Eyes is a band in 2020 going full-on with the 1980’s Euro-disco/Synth-Pop vibe and sound throughout the entire album. If you ‘re looking to transcend time and place, crank it up and find your padded shoulders.

Jean-Christophe Aurnague’s Méditation Romantique is a combination of the Orgue (Organ) and Hautbois (Oboe) and these come together magically. I had this recording on continuous repeat for hours. I talked about getting lost in the Pike/Chandos recording but here I find myself happily abandoned/stranded/marooned with this recording. The sonics, the depth of it all made me appreciate my system that much more.

Dee Snider’s For the Love of Metal: Live. I could not let this one slip by. Think what you will of Snider, for both he and his infamous band Twisted Sister are indeed marmites. But, for those of you are neither squeamish, politically correct, spineless or about to instinctively label something explicit at the drop of an F-bomb or two, do indeed give this a listen. Double Rock Horns!

On to the Re-Issues, Re-Masters and Miscellany

The big news this week is Pat Metheny’s ECM discography was released in high-resolution. I got to listen to 8 of the 11 albums. I am a huge Metheny fan and his takedown of Kenny G in Jazz Oasis is legendary. While I applaud these re-masters, I listened to them side by side with my original vinyl and CD ECM recordings. If you have neither then knock yourself out and acquire them, conversely unless you are a completist there’s no exigent need to rush out. Regardless get one or two and compare for yourself.

So happy to see the 70’s Dutch band Q’65 get some love with the expanded edition of their We’re Gonna Make It.

The Strawbs’ Legends Live in Concert brought me back. I had not thought about this band in years and recall seeing/hearing them live in New York City way, way back in the day.

Lastly Blue Aquarius’ self-titled album my comeuppance this week. I never heard of them before. Shame on me!


New Releases

Alanis Morissette – Such Pretty Forks In The Road

Anna Tivel – The Question (Live and Alone)

Annie Barbazza – Vive

Daniel Barenboim – Elgar_Sea Pictures. Falstaff

Dee Snider – For the Love of Metal – Live

Jennifer Pike – Elgar, Vaughan Williams: Works for Violin and Piano

Gillian Welch – Boots No. 2, The Lost Songs, Vol. 1

Jean-Christophe Aurnague – MéditationRomantique

Jerry Cook Quartet – Walk in the Park

Let Spin – Steal The Light

Olivia Rox – Just A Girl & Her Guitar

Omar Sosa – Live in Seynod

Spatial Vox – Cause Of Shining In Your Eyes (The 1’st Album)


ReIssues & ReMasters & Miscellany

Blue Aquarius – Blue Aquarius

John Lee Hooker – The Real Blues

Pat Metheny – As Falls Wichita, So Falls Wichita Falls

Pat Metheny – New Chautauqua

Pat Metheny – Pat Metheny Group

Pat Metheny – Watercolors

Pat Metheny Group – American Garage

Pat Metheny Group – First Circle

Pat Metheny Group – Offramp

Pat Metheny Group – Travels

Paul McCartney – Flaming Pie (Archive Collection 2020)

Peter Gabriel – Rated PG

Q’65 – We’re Gonna Make It (Expanded Edition)

Roland Haynes – 2nd Wave

The Strawbs – Legends Live in Concert [Flac]


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