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Nordost teams up with Newvelle Records

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Nordost Ax Angel pro-audio series

April, 2018: Since its very beginning in 1991, Nordost’s driving force has always been the music. Through its diverse range of products, Nordost strives to maximize the potential of any audio system, allowing the vibrant and authentic qualities of a live performance to be seamlessly recreated in one’s own home. What better way to achieve the most authentic sound reproduction than to go directly to the source? Nordost is now doing just that.

Nordost is proud to announce an exciting, new partnership with Newvelle Records. Newvelle Records is an innovative, new company that produces original, high quality, vinyl recordings, which are distributed as seasonal subscriptions in bi-monthly installments. These six pressings combine to form a box set, which uses curated artwork and writing to create an immersive and affecting experience when paired with music. In the short two years since Newvelle Records got its start, the response from the press has been overwhelming. Reviews rave about every aspect of Newvelle, from the integrity of their records, to the quality of artists they feature, to the innovative distribution model that they employ.

Together, Nordost and Newvelle have found a great deal of symmetry through their aesthetics, craftsmanship, and dedication to their products—which are virtually unmatched in their respective fields. They both care fundamentally, and above all else, about the music, and making the best sound possible. It is thanks to this mutual pursuit that the two companies have started their collaboration. Newvelle’s fourth season, will be recorded entirely with Nordost cables, in order to create their highest quality recording to date. This partnership will give Nordost customers the unique opportunity to experience their music through their Nordost cables from beginning to end!

For more information on Newvelle Records, and their first three seasons, visit To learn more about the cables being used throughout the recording process, visit



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