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Planot: Boxless, Full Range, Omnidirectional Speaker

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7/9/2015, Omaha, NE: The patented Planot speaker has no box, no tweeter and no crossover.

In the press release for the Create the Future Design Contest sponsored by Tech Briefs, COMSOL, HP and others, John J. Gaudreault, president of Planot LLC, states that the Planot speaker is consisted of a diaphragm in the form of a rigid, long thin rod that is a square or triangle in cross section. The rod, driven by a motor, moves back and forth around its axis. And that the speakers have a unique ability to decode information from  recordings. Sound information that is literally lost when played over traditional speakers surrounds the listener.

The proverbial perfect loudspeaker? Wanna see it at the CAS next year? Send us your comment. Cast your vote.

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2 Responses to Planot: Boxless, Full Range, Omnidirectional Speaker

  1. Bill Wyko says:

    You have my attention.

    • Mr. Wyko, am I correct that you have a car audio business?
      Well think of subwoofers in autos with no boxes.
      Think about speakers mounted in the front and back windshield pillars. When you remove the speaker from the box then you have much greater flexibility in placement. The long shape of a Planot speaker lends itself better to the rectilinear design of most items better, than round speakers. Think about it.


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