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Pro-Ject X2 turntable launched

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Pro-Ject X2: The Heavyweight, Uncompromised High-End


In 1991 Pro-Ject Audio Systems started a revolution in the HiFi industry with the introduction of the Pro-Ject 1 turntable; a new high-end, low-budget turntable released at a time when CD was king. Against all odds, we were creating interest in analogue audio at a time when others were turning their backs, and the success was only down to three critical philosophies:

1. Simple yet technically correct design
2. High-quality valuable materials
3. Fully handcrafted by expert engineers, made in the EU.

The P1 delivered unbelievable sound at a fantastic price, but as is the way in hi-fi many people still wanted more. So, working to the same core philosophies, today we announce the latest generation of this turntable, X2. X2 takes the same enhancements as the latest generation X1 record player and improves on those technologies:

• The raw materials used in production are of a much higher quality and also more difficult to source.
• The selected components are bigger, heavier and more robust, for improved performance and greater build quality.

Investing in middle/high-end analogue technologies is increasingly rare in the analogue hi-fi industry, as the affordable and esoteric high-end markets become saturated with choice; but the middle ground is still full of passionate audiophiles who wish to avoid poor quality alternatives but cannot afford the high-end price tags. X2 therefore typifies Pro-Ject’s belief that all analogue enthusiasts need to be individually catered in our range.

The X2 is carefully tuned to offer only audio-focused features for the best possible price, and due to our decades-long experience in analogue technologies its hand-assembled by a European-based factory you can trust. Every effort has been made throughout to not cut corners on cost or sonic ability and the end result is a highly engaging, musical turntable that delivers deep, detailed lows, crisp high frequencies and an engaging well-presented midrange.

The X2 is available in four finishes; a premium walnut wood veneer, a luxurious black 8-layer high gloss paint, or black or white eight-layer hand-polished satin paint.

PJ-X2: Mat, Subplatter, Pulley.


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