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PS Audio Trade-In Program

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Colorado-based PS Audio has launched an unprecedented equipment trade-in program, in which a customer’s equipment of another make in good working and cosmetic condition may receive its original retail value towards a new PS Audio product, or two.

On the company website is a page where customers can enter equipment detail such as Make, Model, Original MSRP, Condition (Poor, Good, Great), Original Owner (Yes, No), Contact with tobacco smoke (Yes, No, Unsure), With original packaging (Yes, No), With accessories (Yes, No) and Comments.

Trade-in claims are reviewed by the PS Audio Sales Team within 48 hours, emails or phone calls will be made in case of questions, and then an order confirmation email will be sent to the customer. Most product types are accepted except for accessories, phono cartridges, power cables and interconnects.

Per Kevin Jackson, PS Audio U.S. Sales Manager, “We offer an excellent trade-in program for PS gear or non-PS gear.  We essentially wanted a way to help customers that were upgrading their system.  The problem we all face when upgrading is ‘what do I do with the old one’ and ‘I don’t want to throw it out, it still has value.’  The trade-in program allows us to address both of these concerns and of course entice them to purchase one of our new products to add to their system.

Secondarily, once in a while dealers tend to discount products excessively, ours and our competitors’.  While unintentional, this can hurt the brand and diminish the value.  The trade-in program allows us to offer a discount without painting a dark cloud over what these products are truly worth.”

Dagogo: What is the current response level from consumers?

Kevin: We have a great response from our customers, in fact it’s almost rare to get an order that doesn’t include trade-in items.

Dagogo: What is your policy when the original price of the old products equal or exceed the price of your products?

Kevin: The way the program works is we take the original MSRP of the trading item and apply it to the new PS item with a max discount of 30%.  Unfortunately we don’t currently have a way to rollover trade-in credit, however we do allow for the credit to be applied to more than one item.  Or the reverse, we allow multiple items to be traded-in against one PS product.

Dagogo: What do you do with the trade-in products?

Kevin: Currently we work with one of our dealers The Music Room who is geographically close to us.  We have our customers directly ship their trade-in items to TMR who repairs if necessary and photographs them and posts them on their site for sale.


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