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PureAudioProject announces First Watt collaboration

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Nelson Pass’ First Watt meets PureAudioProject with the launch of the

PAP-C1 Custom Active Analog Crossover

for Open Baffle and bi-amping fans


May 26, 2017 – PureAudioProject announces the release of the PAP-C1, a two-way Active Analog Crossover designed by Nelson Pass’ First Watt for PureAudioProject and open baffle speakers.

According to Ze’ev Schlik, president of PureAudioProject, “The PAP-C1 was specifically designed for speakers with woofers and full range drivers, a popular and raved configuration in PureAudioProject offering.”

Bassed on the legendary First Watt B5 crossover, the PAP-C1’s revised JFET filters allow smooth, -12dB low and high pass filtering between 100 to 550 Hz. In addition, the PAP-C1 features adjustable low-bass boost and a gentle high-mid notch on board, and a continuous gain adjustment of the low frequencies on its’ front panel, aka “loudness.”

Per the company’s press release, “PureAudioProject’s unique modular [speakers] offering features a variety of full range drivers and their matched passive crossovers integrated with 10″ or 15″ OB woofers in Open Baffle [designs]. With the Nelson Pass revised design, the PAP-C1 offers flexibility also for bi-amping and active crossover fans, while keeping the entire audio path purely analog and audiophile.”

For a special time/quantity limited pre-order:

  • Web Price: US$1,500 excluding shipping from U.S.
  • Special Pre-Order Price: US$1,299, including shipping worldwide

Order by email to “” or via the PureAudioProject PayPal account.




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