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Purity Audio Design is releasing the new Series 2 line of vacuum tube preamplifiers

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Purity Audio Design is releasing the new Series 2 line of vacuum tube preamplifiers, all using new optimized circuit to run with either 6SN7 or 12AU7 tubes, and equipped with high current toroidal transformers, choke filtering and 100% polypropylene capacitor filter banks housed in 1/8″ thick aircraft aluminum.

At the least expensive end is the Basis Two that is essentially the original Reference but housed in a more affordable, all-aluminum chassis, using full transformer coupled, balanced circuitry from input to output and a full featured remote system.

Slightly more expensive is the new Reference Series 2, which is a scaled-down version of the Statement linestage with all the same features except being housed in a single chassis and utilizing one power supply.

Higher in the range is the Statement and the Ultra series models, all dual mono with twin chassis for separate power supplies.



Basis Two, $7,495

Reference Series 2, $11,495

Statement and Ultra Series, $19,495 to $52,995

Models are available from $3,500 to $53,000.

Also soon to be released is the Purity Audio Design PSE300B, an 18-watt Parallel Single Ended 300B cost-no-object monoblock with first-of-its-kind output transformer technology and new “Magnetic Conduction Technology” by Magnetic Innovations LLC, the same company that produces the High Fidelity Cables.

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