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ReVox Announces Joy CD Player

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ReVox Announces Joy CD

Kitchner, Ontario (July 2014) — ReVox is proud to announce the new Joy CD player – their highest performing 2 channel CD player to date. Not only is it a welcome addition to the already successful ReVox Joy family of products, but it also sets a new benchmark in what is possible with the CD format.

The Swiss audio specialists have used their 65 years of engineering experience to design and produce an elegant, modern and compact unit that achieves an unprecedented level of technical and musical performance.

The CD player, which matches the rest of the Joy product line, offers a black, white or silver 4 mm thick aluminum housing and a black or white glass front panel. The complimentary design makes it simple for music lovers to build a personal audio system based around the Joy Audio Server, Network Music Player, CD player and other Joy products.

The unit is 3.46 inches (88 mm) high, 7.87 inches (200 mm) wide and 12.68 inches (322 mm) deep with control through the device’s front panel or the Joy S208 infrared universal remote control. For added convenience, the remote control will work with all major brands of LED/plasma screens and Blu-ray or DVD players. An integrated RS232 port, located on the back panel, facilitates bidirectional control in larger systems.

The clean, distortion-free audio signal with a dynamic range of 118 dB is attributed to a powerful 192 kHz/24 bit BurrBrown PCM1796 D/A converter, a precision pulse generator, and an oscillation-free, bearing-mounted drive coupled with a low-resonance housing construction. The offset-voltage at the audio output is only 0.0005 volt.

The ReVox Joy CD player has internal constant-current power supplies and a CD drive with an amazingly quiet loading mechanism. The audio signal is provided either through an analog output or through one of the two digital outputs, coaxial and optical.

The unit’s technology combined with high quality construction translates to a listening experience that is not only accurate and engaging but pushes the boundaries of CD reproduction to a new level.

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  1. Thank you folks. Very much appreciated. I have samples and am in the process of interviewing dealers now. Feel free to contact me for any other info.
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