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Rogue Audio Announces the Pharaoh hybrid amplifier and Stereo 100 tube amplifier

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Rogue Audio is pleased to announce two completely new products both of which are now shipping:

Rogue Audio Pharaoh hybrid amplifier

The new Pharaoh is a tube solid state hybrid integrated amplifier featuring 175 WPC into 8 ohms, a tube headphone circuit, MM/MC phono, balanced inputs, home theater bypass and a processor loop. The phono has user adjustable loading with 40/60 dB of gain. The MSRP of the Pharaoh is $3,495 and you can read more about the Pharaoh here

Rogue Audio Stereo 100 tube amplifier

We have also begun shipping the all new Stereo 100 (ST-100) tube power amplifier. With circuitry adapted from our highly acclaimed M-180 monoblocks the ST-100 is rated at 100WPC using the Tung Sol KT120 tubes. The ST-100 offers both RCA and balanced XLR inputs along with 4 and 8 ohm binding post pairs. The MSRP will be $3,495 with an introductory price of $2,995 for the first few months of production. You can read more about the new Stereo 100 at

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