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Innovative New Audio Product Now Available on and

COSTA MESA, Calif. (April 14, 2014) – PENDULUMIC™ (, a new, highly respected manufacturer of wireless audio headphones, has responded to high interest in its newest product by announcing that its STANCE S1 wireless headphones are immediately available for purchase on and  PENDULUMIC™ had originally planned its release for late spring.

PENDULUMIC™ made the decision based on the large amount of product interest, positive feedback and purchase requests STANCE S1 received at the recent SoCal Head-Fi Meet—a yearly meeting of headphone-specializing audiophiles and businesses from around the world. As a highly reputable, independent source of headphone-related information, the Head-Fi online community is known to be a reliable indicator of product viability.

Mike Johnson, sales manager for U.S. and Canada, explains the decision, “The annual Head-Fi Meet was an important and somewhat risky market debut for several reasons. We knew that a headphone can live or die based on the opinion of Head-Fi members. But we were also confident in our debut, because we knew that our new STANCE S1 product offers a combination of benefits not seen before.”

“As it turned out, we were overjoyed at Head-Fi by the incredibly positive response,” Johnson elaborated. “Our booth was crowded with headphone audiophiles wanting to try STANCE S1. Every listener I spoke with remarked on how ‘excellent,’ ‘outstanding,’ and ‘surprisingly good’ the wireless audio quality was, how useful the multiple listening options were, and to our biggest surprise, how ‘unexpectedly low’ our price was, given the many features and rich functionality. Perhaps the biggest indicator came from the many Head-Fi audiophiles who wanted to buy right then and there.”

As a result, PENDULUMIC’s expectation of current and future marketplace demand increased, as did business and product planning. Correspondingly, PENDULUMIC™ management in Singapore, the U.S., and Canada decided to accelerate their Amazon strategy.


“STANCE S1 is all about freedom,” said lead product designer and PENDULUMIC™ co-founder Chunbeng Quek, well-known and highly respected for his headphone products, consumer electronics, user-centric product concepts, and lifestyle products.  “The many integrated features enable discerning audio experts to have a superior, personal music experience when and where they need it, without taking off one product and putting on another, or having to switch out gear for a phone call. It’s really like having four headphones in one—at an unexpectedly low price.”

Quek has also provided industry-leading product designs for respected headphone manufacturer Sennheiser, as well as for Bic, Samsung and many others.

PENDULUMIC’s unparalleled STANCE S1 was created by renowned audio engineers for musicians, audiophiles, recording experts, studio engineers, and on-the-go music lovers who understand and appreciate the immersive audio experience that a closed, over-the-ear headphone provides, value wireless portability, and crave the superior dynamics that its built-in amplifier provides.

STANCE S1 is the only product that delivers all this in a light, portable over-ear wireless headphone:

  • CD-quality wireless sound, utilizing Bluetooth 4.0® with aptX®
  • A powerful built-in PENDULUMIC™ amplifier option
  • Mobile answer/talk/volume capabilities
  • Wired playback (traditional audio cables)
  • Self-adjusting, “ForgettableFit” comfort
  • 30 hours of wireless playback
  • “InstantOn,” a novel, industry-first battery innovation which, in addition to an internal rechargeable battery, also employs replaceable AAA batteries to provide a potentially never-ending source of power and playback, as well as allowing users to get up and running quickly when battery power runs out (rather than waiting on an internal recharge)


PENDULUMIC™ is dedicated to using the highest levels of precision in design and manufacturing to create high-end, multi-featured, affordable audio headphone solutions for discerning professionals, prosumers, audiophiles, and discriminating music lovers.

To learn more about PENDULUMIC™, visit

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