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Salt Lake City, UT (11/8/2018) – Founded in 2006, Studio Electric is run by managing partner David MacPherson. David’s background is in professional speaker development and according to him, there are thousands of speakers designed by him in use by professionals around the world.

A highlight of the aspiration of David is the spherical T2 ($16,500 per pair). Launched in the same year as the company’s founding, the T2 is a floor-standing, full-range construct of stainless steel and aluminum. It is a triumph in integrating a high-quality mid/woofer driver within a sphere. David: ‘If the sphere wall thickness is adequate, there are very few resonances like you find in some wood cabinets. Back pressure on the speaker cone is linear so that mid frequency colorations often caused by back pressure anomalies in a typical wooden box were now less noticeable. Spheres also present no baffle board defraction.

The T2 is still being made to this day to order on occasion. Customers interested in this model should anticipate a 3-month build time.

Studio Electric T2

Studio Electric T2_litV1.1 2 pdf brochure

The company’s current flagship is the T3, also featuring the spherical mid/woofer driver is more affordable at $8,950 the pair. Utilizing the same 6.5-inch mid-woofer, tweeter and side-firing 8-inch woofer as the T2, the T3 uses less custom steel and aluminum work, hence the cost saving. According to David, ‘I wanted to build a speaker that was a little less expensive and a little more conventional looking, while retaining the signature look of the stainless steel sphere and a good sound that we had with the sphere.’

30 pairs or so of the T3 had been sold since 2010.

David: … they are quite difficult to assemble… I often go home mad telling my wife, “I never want to make another pair of those again”. So I don’t really promote them as much as I should…’ We are eager to get a review pair of T2 or T3.

Studio Electric

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