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Sumiko announces Celebration 40 and Blue Point cartridges

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The following is a press release from Sumiko.


The Brand Debuts the Blue Point No. 3 High/ Low Output, Celebration 40 And RS78 RPM Stylus

MAPLE GROVE, MN (June 17, 2021) – Sumiko is excited to announce the launch of three new phono cartridges and one new stylus, extending the company’s high-end audio collection with audiophile-grade enhancements for any new or existing turntable system.

The Blue Point No. 3 High and Blue Point No. 3 Low phono cartridges replace the venerable Blue Point No. 2. Featuring a similar low-internal vibration body and mounting block as the recently updated moving magnet (MM) line, the Blue Point No. 3 is able to separate the cartridge’s generator from mechanical vibration more effectively than ever before. The result is an affordable moving coil (MC) design that produces unparalleled detail and stereo separation. Both models benefit from a new shell design and a smoothly bevelled front fascia that allows for excellent visibility of the stylus tip when mounting. The Blue Point No.3 High continues Sumiko’s history of affordable, high performance MC cartridges designs that are compatible with any MM phono stage. The Blue Point No.3 Low is Sumiko’s most accessible low output moving coil cartridge, serving as the perfect companion to most high-performance, affordable phono stages.

The new limited-edition Celebration 40 phono cartridge is revealed in honor of Sumiko’s fortieth anniversary and is the latest refinement of the award-winning Pearwood Celebration II. Celebration 40 now implements the same solid, ultra-low-mass 75μm x 2.5μm Microridge stylus as our flagship Palo Santos Presentation. Adding the Microridge stylus is revelatory when it comes to micro detail and spatiality as it uniquely holds the groove unyieldingly, impeccably tracking and portraying music clarity. The gorgeous plumwood body accurately embodies the spirit of the Celebration design, lending an invitation of euphoria to the listening experience.

Sumiko’s first 78 RPM stylus, the RS78 stylus is a true treat for vintage recording enthusiasts. This stylus grants listeners the ability to spin classic 10” 78 RPM records without damaging the record’s physical properties. The RS78 can be installed on the Rainier, Olympia, and Moonstone Moving Magnet cartridges, and allows owners of these fantastic cartridges to easily play back 78 RPM shellac recordings safely and with great care.

With the news of these introductions, Sumiko will also be discontinuing a few vintage favourites including the Blue Point No. 2, Blue Point Special EVO III and Blackbird High/ Low Output phono cartridges. The new products will be available for purchase through authorized Sumiko dealers, find your local distributor by visiting


• Blue Point No. 3 High / Low Phono Cartridges: $499 USD (each)
• Celebration 40 Phono Cartridge: $2799 USD
• RS78 Stylus: $129 USD


For nearly 40 years, SUMIKO has brought the finest high-end audio products to North America from around the globe. From its humble beginnings as a phono cartridge importer, Sumiko has carefully selected like-minded partners and now distributes Pro-Ject, Sonus faber, Rotel Electronics, Sumiko Phono Cartridges and Bassocontinuo audio racks to assemble a complete reference-quality premium audio system. Sumiko is a proud member of the McIntosh Group, where progress and tradition are not mutually exclusive concepts, but rather a synergistic sum of parts which exceed their individual identities.

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