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Teresonic Silver EXP Speaker and Interconnect Cable Review

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Teresonic EXP Speaker Cable

Back in July of 2008, I reviewed the original Teresonic Clarison Speaker Cables and Interconnects. I called them the best kept secret in audio cables, and I’m very, very sorry to say that is probably still true. The original Clarison speaker cables were handcrafted using an outside PVC insulating cover, a protective cover of elastic spiral ferromagnetic material (steel with carbon), an inside polyethylene-polyurethane insulating material, and twisted OFHC pure copper wires.

The original Clarison interconnects also had the same outside PVC insulating cover, plus two protective coverings of the elastic spiral ferromagnet. They have two identical inside interconnect blocks; comprised of a Teflon exterior, copper shielding screen, and a set of silver plated Litz conductors in the center. Inside, they use “air” insulating material, and “fleet” cable with a set of Litz twisted wires with PVC insulation that divides the cable into two parts that act as an electrical screen.

It was my privilege later to have reviewed the incredible Teresonic Clarison Gold Interconnects. These also use a high-tech protective elastic ferromagnetic spiral shield made of carbonized steel with a thin PVC insulating cover, but with new geometry. There are two identical inside interconnect blocks with (+) and (-) pure solid gold conductors. The inside dielectric is “air” with a special insulating screen to separate (+) and (-) conductors. The inside interconnect block is comprised of solid pure (99.999%) Gold wire in a special cotton impregnated insulation tube. Connectors were chosen for the geometry. They are the 24 carat gold plated RCA type Nextgen WBT 0110, ultra fine machined symmetrical connectors that are especially suitable for pure symmetry of Clarison cables, avoiding all the pitfalls of the coaxial geometry.

Teresonic Silver EXP audio cables


This brings us to Teresonic’s new Clarison Silver EXP Audio cables. They share the same architecture with famous Clarison Gold interconnects. They feature 99.999 per cent (5N) pure solid silver conductors for the ultimate in sound purity. They feature space grade shielding for triple signal protection from electric, magnetic, and mechanical interferences. This shielding provides full protection from EMI, RFI and crosstalk by using carbon-enriched ferromagnetic shielding material. This shielding was developed for special applications requiring zero interference. The shielding allows protection to work both ways: preventing external interference from getting inside the cable, and keeping the energy of the music signal from “escaping” the cable. They are shielded as four separate cables: two for the right channel and two for the left. These separate cables connect each amplifier terminal with a corresponding speaker terminal. They state that speed of signal transfer in this cable is up to 97% of the speed of light. These extreme speeds supposedly allow transient responses that allows you to hear the speed and detail of the music. Add to this their unique cable topology, special silver soldering methodology, superior shielding and fine craftsmanship, and you get some very fine audio cables.


Over the years I have not been a big fan of silver cables, with the exception of the Audio Note SOGONs and the Shindo Silver cables. Now I can add a third silver cable to that list, Teresonic’s Silver EXP Speaker Cables. The Teresonic cables are extremely quick with a seamless coherent sound. With regard to timing and dynamics, they are superb. They have PRaT in spades. Add to this their ability to allow my system to create a very believable soundstage and you have speaker cables that should be considered by anyone who is thinking about buying speaker cables in this price range or higher. I still figure that Teresonic’s Clarison cables are the best kept secret in audio and one of the very best buys. Though the EXP cables are more expensive, I stand by that statement.

The EXPs recreate space and are superb at differentiating the sounds of various percussion instruments. Drums come through so life-like it can be startling. You can hear the stick hit the drum with power and attack. Cymbals are clear, quick, and even to distinguish one from the other. They also excel with percussions in what I think of as the startle factor. They have an incredible ability to accelerate from very soft to very loud quickly and effortlessly. They also excel at harmonic accuracy, definition, and letting you hear the different textures of the music. They are equally good at the leading edge of music and the decay. These are characteristics that are so important in a music reproduction system if it is going let you hear deep into the musical performance.

With the EXP cables in my system both male and female voices had beautiful harmonic structure. They allowed a degree of transparency that let voices seem to be truly alive, and at the same time to have real body and power. I could hear nothing that they did to distract from the naturalness of the human voice.

In fact, in my system they seemed to impart very little sound of their own on the music; yet, they allowed the tonal color of the music to come shining through. They were exceptional cables at letting nuances of instruments and subtle timing of the musicians be heard. In no way did they restrict the dynamics or micro-dynamics of the music. All of this combined to make musical magic when it was on the recording.

I have never heard my system to possess more transparency than it did with the EXP cables. This transparency along with world-class detail and micro-dynamics is without a doubt one of the reasons my system sounds so alive with these cables connecting my amp to my speakers. The midrange is at the same time oh-so-detailed and transparent, but extremely well balanced with the highs and bass.

Teresonic Silver EXP audio cables


The Teresonic Silver EXP cables are surely in the very top echelon of audio cables. No, the Silver EXPs aren’t quite as good as Teresonic’s own Gold interconnects, but at the price of gold nowadays they offer a wonderful sounding alternative at a more affordable price. The speaker cables are simply superb, and hold their own with any speaker cables. They are by far the best shielded speaker cables I have heard. If you are in the market for some of the best cables for your system at any price, be sure you hear the Teresonic Silver EXP cables.

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