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The Beatnik Goes to the Rocky Mountains

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Frank Van Alsitne of Audio by Van Alstine was a gracious host in the room he shared with Salk Signature Sound speakers.


Positive Feedback put together a wonderful sounding hospitality room and as always it was great to see Dave and Carol Clark.


Pedar Beckman, U.S. representative of Electrocompaniet. One of our hobby’s real gentleman sharing some info with Dave and Carol of Positive-Feedback.


Alan Yun of Silverline Audio, we both live in the Concord, CA are,a and his room always sound very musical.


Then there was the fun of getting together will the other Dagogo writers who were at RMAF 2011. (Left to right: Jack Roberts, Ed Momkus, Fred Crowder, Doug Schroeder, Laurence Borden.)


Joe Roberts of the sadly missed Sound Practices magazine. In the early 1990s, Joe’s writings and gracious talks on the phone got me into SET amps and high efficiency speakers. He is now with Silbatone Acoustics.


Speaking of Salbatone Acoustics’s room, it was graced by Mr. Manho Oh and a pair of Western Electric 757 Speaker System from his private collection of Western Electric gear.


Nick Gowan of True Sound, located in Campbell, California visiting with Jonathan Josephs of One World Audio of Richmond, California who imports Lindermann Audio.


Well, keep on boppn’ until RMAF 2012.

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