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Torus Power introduces new PowerBlock PB 5

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The Torus Power PB 5 is a 5-amp Torus Power toroidal isolation transformer with a compact footprint and rugged construction. The PowerBlock PB 5 was designed for use in compact systems and to power source components, TVs and projectors. According to Torus Power, the PB 5 is ideal for situations where the customer wants to isolate digital components from analog equipment or segregate switching power supplies from linear power supplies.

The PowerBlock PB 5 is ‘an ultra-compact and portable’ toroidal isolation power transformer and the most affordable product in the Torus Power lineup at only US $799.00 retail. The company claims that the PB 5’s compact footprint and rugged construction make it convenient for use in almost any situation. ‘It looks sharp on or near a component shelf, on any floor surface or it can be located elsewhere when space is at a premium.’

Ready to ship.

Torus Power Inc.
2861 Sherwood Heights Drive, Unit 26, Oakville, Ontario, Canada, L6J 7K1

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