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Viard Audio Design – world reference cables using Cu-VHQ

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Viard Audio Design – true, world reference cables using Cu-VHQ that is superior to OCC!

Viard Audio Design cables are true, world reference design using advanced technologies including Vincent Viard’s Patent-Pending Cu-VHQ that more than challenges cost-no-object designs. Yes, they are that extraordinary!

Cu-VHQ is an advanced annealing process that goes beyond Ohno Continuous Cast (OCC) with a more neutral tonality, flatter response, higher conduction and superior resolution. In addition, Cu-VHQ also offers more flexibility to avoid fracturing that is inherent in OCC.

Cu-VHQ was created to be the highest quality conductor for audio purposes.

Viard cables are getting raves in the very competitive Far East Ultra-High End.

…and Viard cables are more affordable than you think!

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