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Von Schweikert Audio Announces the VR-100XS Holographic Virtual Reality Speaker System

($145,000/four piece system)

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Von Schweikert Audio touts the VR-100XS as a ground-breaking design with the goal of “an acoustically holographic listening experience of a live musical event.” To achieve it, they have engineered, a) an all-new Noise Reduction cabinet construction based on our Triple-Wall constrained layer patent, b) a matched driver array using the same magnesium diaphragm material from woofer to mid to tweeter for coherent timbre response, c) transient-response “speed” matching of the driver array using proprietary servo-controlled filter circuits instead of a “crossover,” and d) room-correcting subwoofer design that eliminates the standing wave phenomena through the entire room.

VSA also believe the new VR-100XS to be a complete solution, with the most advanced engineering on the planet for the following reasons. In each VR-100XS tower, the four -7″ woofers and two -5″ midrange drivers are custom-designed, ultra high speed, non-resonant magnesium-coned units, damped with a layer of ceramic oxide.  This cone material is extremely light, rigid, and tonally accurate and surpasses any electrostatic driver for transparency.  Each driver was designed in conjunction with the other frequency range drivers, to insure a coherent timbre and transient match between all drivers.

The speaker drivers are configured in a Point Source concentric vertical array to realize a holographic experience, while a two-way Ambience Retrieval System on the rear features an omni-directional spherical-wave radiation pattern. The motor is made of linear high intensity neodymium magnet bars with copper rings, shorted-turn triple voice coils and T-shaped pole pieces with copper cladding to achieve a measured distortion supposedly seven times less than any other moving coil driver on the market. Bottom-end produced by the external XS subwoofers features elimination of in-room standing waves not via electronic equalization but a acoustical cancellation of Eigentones verified by Dolby Laboratories in conjunction with Lucasfilm THX, where Albert Von Schweikert himself was once employed at. VSA claims an industry-first extension of this U.S.-made subwoofer down to 10Hz.

VSA also developed a new HGAIN technology for the VR-100XS that surpasses its original GAIN Ambience Retrieval System to behave as a quasi-omni speaker similar to a cardiod pattern as in recording microphones.

The new one-piece cabinet is massively constructed of a new version of the company’s triple-wall damping technology and complex internal bracing resulting in an acoustically inert tower weighing over 460 pounds. Distinguished internal components include Master-Built Single Crystal copper wiring from Delphi Aerospace, twin pairs of WBT Signature NextGen platinum binding posts for bi-wiring or bi-amping. All internal crossover parts are supplied by Deulund, Jensen, V-cap, Mundorf, and Clarity Cap. Inductors are made from Single Crystal ribbon foil copper on midrange/tweeter circuits and 1,000-watt steel laminated transformer types for the woofers. All resistors are Mundorf metal film types from Germany.

At time of this Press Release, relevant specifications are: $145,000 for the 4pc system consisting of two Main Towers and two XS subwoofers with 15” drivers and 1,000-watt amplifiers.  Main tower is 6 ft tall x 1ft wide x 30” deep with a weight of 468 lbs uncrated.  The XS subs are 176 lbs @ 24” x24” x 24”.  System sensitivity is 90dB, impedance is 4-ohms, recommended power rating is 50 watts to 1,000-watts, frequency range is 10Hz to 100kHz.  Main Towers have Autoformer Level Attenuators for front Tweeter and Rear Ambience Level.

via: Albert Von Schweikert

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One Response to Von Schweikert Audio Announces the VR-100XS Holographic Virtual Reality Speaker System

  1. Glen Bingham says:

    Surprised that the tower speakers are not taller. The system may well be more room friendly that I first imagined. Not that I could afford such speakers at this time. I could afford the VSA MK4Jr’s and absolutely continued to be thrilled by them daily. Cheers to those who may be able to have the new top of the line Vons in their home.

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