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Whammerdyne Heavy Industries joins PureAudioProject and Verastarr at CAS7

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7/15/2017 – PureAudioProject welcomes Whammerdyne Heavy Industries and their unique 2A3 based, 4.2-watt, ‘Truth’ amplifier to their CAS7 Boardroom III Exhibit, from 7/28-7/30 at the Hilton Oakland International Airport. This cooperation is born after Pat Hickman, the founder of Whammerdyne, concluded his long search for demo speakers hours after auditioning the PureAudioProject Trio15 Voxativ in his own system.

Ze’ev Schlik, President of PureAudioProject said that, “We are asked countless times if our Trio15 can play with low wattage SE tube amps, and we always answer this question with ‘Yes They Can.’

Then, Pat Hickman’s testament came in. He was enthusiastic about what his Trio15 Voxativ was doing and a light bulb went on in Ze’ev’s mind: “It became clear for us that we have the opportunity to welcome audio fans to experience great music from a well designed 2A3 based 4.2-watt tube amp, Verastarr Foil Cables and our 96dB Trio15.”, says Ze’ev Schlik, the founder of PureAudioProject.

The PureAudioProject Quintet15 will have its official debut at CAS7, and will share the space with the Trio15 Voxativ.

Hilton Oakland International Airport
$10 all access all days.

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