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Whammerdyne Heavy Industries releases DAM-2 2A3 monoblock amplifier

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The following is a press release from Whammerdyne Heavy Industries

Whammerdyne Heavy Industries, Announces another world’s first

Founded in 2010 by Pat Hickman, Whammerdyne Heavy Industries is an amalgamation of technical skill-sets united by a common passion for hi-end audio, based in Wilsonville, OR.

With many years of combined experience in hi-end audio, electronics engineering, and CNC fabrication, the team set out to build the ultimate single-ended stereo amplifiers. The year 2020 finds Whammerdyne repeating history with our first entry level monoblocks based upon the ever popular DGA-1 stereo model.

Having introduced the first series of upgradeable and modular single ended 2A3 vacuum tube amplifiers in early 2017, Whammerdyne did not rest on past success with the finest sounding 2A3 amplifiers offered on the market. The company announces new members of their amplifier successful lineup, such as the DGA1, DGA2+RAM and DLM4+RAM, world’s first successful implementation of remote audio output transformers (RAM) short for Remote Advanced Magnetics.

The new DAM-2 (Damn Awesome Mono) for 2020 is the world’s first true fully DC regulated dual tube 2A3 monoblock amplifier (8 fully regulated power supplies). With no capacitors in the audio coupling circuits, it’s a pure DC design. In addition, it has fully adjustable current bias settings for each 2A3 output tube allowing for a perfect match current wise for the pair. With a whopping 8.5 watts per channel and a hum and noise below 115 dB. -1 dB at 33 KHz bandwidth, the DAM-2 is offered at a real-world price of $ 7,000 the pair.


Critically Acclaimed:

Whammerdyne has enjoyed over the years high praise and high expectations, receiving 100% positive feedback from all listeners over dozens of show events along with dozens of written-in comments about their individual experiences. Both from listeners, owners and reviewers.

In terms of sound, many of the listeners commented on The Truth family of amplifiers, noting clarity, speed, detail, dynamics, realism and delicacy.

Some of their favorite quotes:

“I want it! This sound coming from a 4-watt amplifier, OMG”

“The best 2a3 amplifier I have ever heard, best sound of the show!”

“Realistic sound, brought me to tears.”

Listen to the culmination of ten years of research, design, and development to understand what The Truth and the 6 other models offered sound like. To learn more about Whammerdyne, visit


Whammerdyne Heavy Industries
Wilsonville, Oregon USA

(503) 887-9015 (PST) M-F 8:00 AM-5:00 PM


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