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2010 CAS Coverage #6

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One of the really fun things to do at this show, if you could get a seat, was to go to the Blue Coast World room for one of the live performances/recordings. Each day at 11 and 4, award-winning sound engineer Cookie Marenco was presenting live acoustic recording sessions with a host of different performers. You were treated both to the performance and complete directions on how to download the files. Cookie promised that the recordings would be available for downloading within 24 hours. The recordings were mixed straight to 96/24. A stereo mix is also being recorded on the Sonoma DSD workstation. All the mixing was done with DSD encoding.


Brian Ackerman had come all the way from Colorado to support the Loggie Audio Exhibit. He brought the Ypsilon electronics, the Acapella High Violoncello II speakers, and the Bergman turntable. One of the best sounding rooms at the show as we have gotten used to from Brian.

Aaudio Imports at Loggie Audio Exhibit with the Acapella High Violoncello II speakers

Audience was set up with their own soon-to-be-released electronics, their 2 + 2 speakers, their cables, and maybe the most commonly used power conditioner at the show, the AV aR6-T. I love that they showed it with the top off, where you could see everything inside.


Audience 2 + 2 speakers


Audience AV aR6-T

Electrocompaniet had two rooms and threes systems. I was especially impressed by the top of the line system.


Electrocompaniet’s starter system


Electrocompaniet midpoint system



Electrocompaniet’s top of the line electronics


Electrocompaniet’s soon to be released statement speaker

ModWright and Emerald Physics were producing a very dynamic sound. I continue to be impressed from show to show with most any room using ModWright gear.


Emerald Physics speakers and ModWright electronics

Grant Fidelity without a doubt is making some of the best sounding equipment for the money we have seen in the hifi world in a long time. They featured various systems with prices ranging from $2000 to $6000. They are also bringing us the much talked about Shuguang Treasure Series 300Bs.


Grant Fidelity Room

Grant Fidelity Electronics


The Shuguang Treasure Series 300Bs that are creating all the buzz

Jim Salk of Salk Signature Sound made the trip to the Bay Area to let us hear his new “SoundScape” speaker. Jim says regardless of money this is the best speaker he can build.


Salk’s newest statement speaker (left)

Retailer Tone Audio of San Francisco had a nice system consisting of Quad ESL speakers, CAT electronics, and Simon Yorke turntables.


Tone Audio of San Francisco’s Quad loudspeakers with CAT preamp and amplifier


Simon Yorke S-10 Turntable

Trenner & Friedl loudspeakers and Heed Electronics in the U.S. importer Profundo Exhibit played music with scale and dynamics that was hard to believe from speakers and equipment so small.


Trenner & Friedl loudspeakers and Heed Electronics

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