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2011 AXPONA Coverage VI

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Bill Dudleston and Doug Brown of Legacy Audio were showing their newest offerings in the extensive Legacy Speaker line.

In one system, were the $4650 Classic HD speakers in gorgeous Rosewood cabinetry and the entry level, Studio HD at $1450/pr., a two way mini monitor speaker that sports a folded ribbon tweeter. Both models had a well-balanced and neutrally voiced sound.

Along the opposite wall, the Legacy Whispers were providing a big and bold sound.

Randy Bankert of Sonist was showing the largest model in the Sonist line of speakers. The 97 dB efficient Concerto 4’s were filling the room with a warm inviting sound while being powered by 5 a watt amplifier from Glow Audio.

Fernando Cruz of CruzFirst Audio, a dealer from my neck of the woods in South Florida had a large room which included electronics by BMC Audio, the German-made speakers from Lansche Audio which sport the latest iteration of the gas plasma driver, and the turntable form Bergmann Audio.

It has been many, many years since I heard one of the original gas plasma speakers, the Heil Type A. Much has changed over the years and the $45,000 Lansche appears to offer the benefits of the plasma driver without the major drawback of filling the room with the smell of ozone. Of course, there is still the familiar glowing flame inside the speaker’s cavity and the heat associated with such flame.

Lastly, in the because-we-can school of thought, a company by the name of DCCA was showing in static display, a line of power cords that are said to be voiced to complement the sonic signature of any individual component.

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