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2011 TAVES – Coverage I

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TAVES is not just the first of its kind in Toronto; it’s also the world’s first ever show to require balletic skills from attendees for the lucky draw!

Devialet and Focal: high-tech combo from France

Keith Monks: Still by far the world’s most revered record cleaning machine

Class A integrated amps from Italy’s Mastersound

Gutwire power cables: halos not included!

TTWeights is a Canadian manufacturer of rim-drive turntables. The company itself is a subdivision of LJT Manufacturing, a specialist in CNC machining for the aerospace industry.

Analogue accessories from TTWeights Audio

Krolo Design is a Toronto-based company specializing in interior decoration and design. “Tomo” is their line of equipment racks, named after designer Mirko Krolo’s father. Shelves made from birdseye maple and walnut were on display here. They look like they’re giving Germany’s Finite Elemente a run for their money!

At first sight these blocks look like your garden speakers. But they are actuallhy Class-D amplifiers from local manufacturer Tri-Art Audio, complete with exotic wood and …concrete! Note the presence of Acoustic System’s Resonators (+other tweaks) in the showroom.

Tri-Art Audio’s Switching Box, featuring a bamboo cabinet, WBT Nextgen terminals, and a concrete brick.

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