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Lawrence Lock

Chief Classical Music Correspondent

My listening repertoire is classical music. Within this sphere, I’m very much omnivorous; however, I must admit to being partial to vocal and piano music. I would call myself a “concertholic” because I prefer living in the present. Being a musical citizen of the world, I endeavour to hear the finest performers live in venues dotted all over the world, as often as my budget and time allow. So is it an immodest remark to say that I have the best Hi-Fi in the world? I don’t think so, because concerts halls and opera houses are my listening rooms. I spend much more time there than facing my loudspeakers at home. Every year at the peak of a subscription season or festival, I attend more than ten concerts per week. Needless to say, being single relieves me of quite a few responsibilities! I believe one’s fond memory of a great live performance is something that stays with him forever. As a fervent LP collector, I have amassed more than ten thousand of them over the years, mainly through inheritance from deceased friends. And I don’t just collect the premium pressings, or the ones of audiophile qualities. To me, music matters the most. I’m into acquiring interpretations. I have contributed CD reviews to Montreal’s La Scena Musicale, and have been on the music reviewing staff at Hi-Fi Review, a Hong Kong-based audio magazine, for more than a decade. At Dagogo, I’d like to share with you the joy of music and remind you that our listening gears are merely a means to an end. I plan to expand the classical music content of this website. "Ohne Musik wäre das Leben ein Irrtum." (Without music, life would be a mistake.) Friedrich Nietzsche (1844 – 1900)

						Analog Front End
Revox PR99 III Open-reel recorder Oracle Delphi V Turntable SME V Tonearm Benz-Micro Ruby 2, Lyra Kleos Cartridges
						Digital Front End
Esoteric DV-50s SACD/CD player Weiss DAC 2
Rossner und Sohn Canofer S Phono stage Audio Research LS25 MKII Preamp Pass Labs X350.5 Amp
Gutwire Power Cable Nordost Power Cable Oyaide, Stealth Power Cable Transparent Power Cable Van den Hul Power Cable Audio Note Interconnect Cable Kimber Interconnect Cable NEO Interconnect Cable Van den Hul Interconnect Cable Audio Note Lexus II Speaker Cables
Wilson Audio Sophia I

						Home Theater

McIntosh MPC1500 Power Conditioner
						Room Treatment

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