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2011 TAVES – Coverage V

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Audioscape Canada’s setup here consists of a Nottingham turntable (with a Soundsmith cartridge), JPS cables, PrimaLuna electronics and Usher speakers.

A PrimaLuna integrated shows off its guts!

Chez Audio Note U.K.: dark, and claustrophobic

Robb Niemann of Burmester Canada has just picked up ELAC, hence the change of the comapny name to Rutherford Audio Inc.

Accustic Arts electronics with Joseph Audio’s “The Pulsar” speakers, a Clearaudio turntable, and Union Research’s phono preamp featuring five ECC83 tubes.

Chario: another Italian speaker manufacturer with high WAF.

At the Brinkmann demo room.

Vienna Acoustics’ stunning flagship “The Music”, mating with Oracle’s delphi Mk VI turntable and Esoteric electronics.

Parasound’s soon-to-be-released Halo series CD player. The CD1 is expected to be in production by November.

Parasound’s “NewClassic” full line of bang-for-the-buck electronics (in black chassis).

A display table full of jewel-like Mundorf Caps.

Reference 3A speakers with Antique Sound Lab’s Hurricane DT MKII monoblocks.

Copland’s CDA 825 CD player.

Perpetual Technology’s upcoming TT-1 turntable, here fitted with a 12-inch carbon fibre Consonance tonearm and a Van Den Hul Frog cartridge.

Scheu Analog’s Premier II turntable with Cantus tonearm.

From the home of Edvard Grieg: Electrocompaniet.

The fit-and-finish in Yamamoto’s tube amps is superb. The company even manufacture their own line of teflon tube sockets.

L’Atelier Audio’s room features Zu Audio speakers, Rossner und Sohn turntable, and Ocellia electronics and cables.

While the Ocellia speakers (what the company is known for) are still made in France, their electronics and cables are now manufactured in France’s sisterland in Canada: Quebec. Frenchman Samuel Furon, Ocellia’s honcho, is the man behind this new venture.

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