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2011 TAVES – Coverage III

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The Aatma monitors from Reev Designs, against a backdrop of black.

French chic: Atoll Electronique’s CD player and integrated from their Gamme 400 series.

The Ayra C 1.0 speakers from Danish manufacturer Raidho, used by Nordost on this occasion to demo their power cords and other accessories.

Blueberry Hill Audio has my vote for the “tweakiest room of the show”! Pictured here is their new full-range bipolar speaker system called “Rhapsody in 3D”.

Speakers with aluminum, chrome, and glass, not to mention very high WAF, from Bremen’s Ceratec: seen here are their “Vita II Glass” sub, and mains that are poised to “out-thin” B&O!

Sonus Faber’s new baby driven by NBS Cables’ line of copper-toned electronics, including a dual-chassis pre-amp and a phono pre-amp.

Ron Sutherland has ventured into the realm of digital clock? It’s actually his new N-1 preamp featuring numeral-displaying Nixie tubes.

Vienna Acoustics’ Klimt series “The Kiss”, driven by all-Oracle gears.

Francis Chung of Toronto Home of Audiophile, IMHO, picked up the BEST room at the King Edward Hotel: airy, uncluttered, and flooded by natural light from the outside. His combination of Gershman, Pass Labs, and PS Audio is also very well set up.

At the Furutech showroom I spotted an heirloom-looking homemade tube amp.

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