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A Baker’s Dozen Plus One of Female Vocalists on 45 RPM Vinyl

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Vinyl-Review-2015-3-1I love the sound of 45 RPM LPs. I know you have to get up and change them more often and I wish no company were issuing one-sided 45 RPM LPs. Still, I love the wonderful way they sound. I find them seductive in a way that is similar to the sound of reel-to-reel tapes. So, this month I want to share with you my baker’s dozen of female vocal 45 RPM LPs that I would hate to not own. This list may change as early as next month as there are several great LPs coming out in April, but as of today this is my list. These are not full reviews; most of them I have already reviewed and you can read those, but I think all real vinyl lovers should consider owning these.

If you’re not familiar with Nancy Bryan, you need to be. She is an exciting live performer and this emotion comes through on every song on this LP. There is a drive to her music that raises her above most female jazz and pop singers.

Likewise, the recording and the vinyl is world class. Her voice comes through very lively. The sound has great tonal balance and a huge soundstage. This is an LP worth having on a 45 RPM recording.


Vinyl-Review-2015-3-3 Vinyl-Review-2015-3-2There’s not much to say about this LP. It’s been a staple in most audiophile systems for many years.

If you have never heard Holly Cole live, you owe it to yourself to do so. You will have to work at it though, she doesn’t perform live that often.

As good as the original is, this Classic Records 45 RPM on Clarity vinyl is far and away the best in sound quality I have heard.

I do find the one-sided LPs a little bit of a pain, but the music and the sound makes it worth putting up with.


Vinyl-Review-2015-3-4 Vinyl-Review-2015-3-5These two recordings from Ella and Louis are must-haves if you like jazz even a little bit.

I went through many different pressings of these LPs; too many to count. I can tell you that without a doubt these two 45 RPM LPs are the best of the lot.

These two LPs are mono recordings, but when I mention this to people who are listening they always seem surprised. I think part of the reason is the music is so good that they just don’t notice.

Another must-have, even Harry Pearson told us we had to have this recording. Why? For both the music and the sound.

As great as it sounded on the original that I paid big bucks for, the 45 sounds even better.

It has such great songs on it as well, such as, “You’re My Thrill,” “‘Round Midnight,” “Cry Me a River,” “Clap Hands,” “Here Comes Charlie” and “Spring Can Really Hang You Up the Most.”

I’m so thankful to have this on a great 45 RPM LP.


Vinyl-Review-2015-3-6There are several reasons for buying this album. First, it’s Julie London and if you don’t know who she is, well, just think of one of the sultriest singers you have ever heard. Second, you should buy it for how beautiful the music is, and lastly you should buy it to encourage ABox to produce more albums like this.

They used the original full track master to make this 45-RPM/two-LP set. It was mastered by Bernie Grundman using all-tube disc cutting equipment. It was pressed by RTI on HQ-180 vinyl. This 45 RPM reissue may be the best example of a state-of-the-art mono recording that I have heard.


Vinyl-Review-2015-3-7This is a very special LP. It’s one of my favorite Billie Holiday LPs that is available in Stereo.

I love her interpretations of “Day In Day Out,” “A Foggy Day” and “Stars Fell On Alabama.” They are very sultry and with Sweets Edison and Ben Webster playing with her the instrumentation is as good as the vocals.

This is surely another LP worth having on 45.

I don’t think you can fault me for having both a Stereo and Mono Billie Holiday recording on this list.

Vinyl-Review-2015-3-8I just love this LP. I had an old, rather noisy sounding version I bought used. So I was thrilled when it was reissued, especially a 45 RPM version.

Just look at the song selection on this LP. It has “Body And Soul,” “They Can’t Take That Away From Me,” “Darn That Dream,” “Let’s Call The Whole Thing Off,” “Comes Love,” “Gee, Baby, Ain’t I Good To You,” “Embraceable You” and “Moonlight In Vermont.”

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  1. BradleyP says:

    I don’t need more gear, but I always need more music. I had never heard of Nancy Bryan before. What a great singer and a great recording! Thank you. It has those characteristics of “audiophile” albums–minimal instrumentation and plenty of well-done reverb against a sonically black background–while being great music at the same time. Even on my modest desktop system via Spotify, the specialness of her album shines through. This is one worth owning, especially on 45 rpm vinyl, I’m sure. Now I just need a turntable! Strike that first sentence.

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