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Anne Weerapass: Out of Nowhere

Jazznote 170702-02-2

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Besides distributing revered audio products from companies like Harmonix Reimyo by Combak, Roksan, Gradient, etc, May Audio Marketing also imports a sizeable amount of CDs. Among the labels MAM carries is Jazznote of Singapore.

The label was formed in December 2004 by jazz pianist Jeremy Monteiro, whose previous recording projects with JJ Jazz Records, the predecessor to Jazznote, have harvested valuable experience in music-making for him. Among his 2005 recording projects was a collaboration with saxophonist Ernie Watts, who has two Grammy Awards to his credit.

In late 2004, Jeremy lent his jazzy touch to Renee Weerapass’ first Jazznote recording, Out of Nowhere, holding down the floor with his piano playing, while amassing support from smooth talents like Belinda Moody on doublebass, Shawn Kelley on drums, and Mohammed Noor on percussions. Saxman Koh, Bangkok’s best-selling, saxophone rising star, added the quintessential saxy touch to the Weerapass sound.

For this CD, Anne Weerapass brings her pop-singing perfected vocal into the foray of jazz, and let me assure you, it is surprisingly formidable. She possesses that jazzy voice we prize from the eras of Ella Fitzgerald and Sarah Vaughan, with a stimulating sensitivity that is firmly cultivated in the present era.

Anne’s vocalization was of utter confidence, hence rendering absolute reign over each and every song. Utterly inspiring and momentarily playful, Anne’s singing also puts one’s mind at ease at once. Never a dull moment is there in her singing, and there is not enough of her voice. Pianist and producer Jeremy Monteiro took full advantage of the company and rarity of such a vocal talent and played his piano to his heart’s content, leaving the listener gasping for more Anne.

Jeremy can play it fast or slow, give Anne an all-out band compliment or just whisper the instruments along, and Anne just takes over with apt applications of tempo and vocalization and makes the take a fully-owned performance of hers. Take, for example, track 5 “Night & Day”, a showpiece that begins with a percussion-accompanied, solo-vocal segment that showcases Anne’s control and skills, and gets the listener’s mind and heart tapping alongside. This segment is currently available for listening on Dagogo’s Current Issue page.

With Jeremy Monteiro at the piano, among others, every track and every second of this CD comes across as an exemplary model of perfection in the integration of vocal and music, in the finest tradition of jazz. Hence, the very cherished jazz tradition of free-style playing from the band, was at once alluring and irresistible, taking the listener on a faraway trip. But the fantastic chemistry at work between Anne and the band always instilled focus and sense of purpose in the listener once her voice takes flight again.

Female jazz vocalist this natural and talented is rare even in the U.S.

Listen to that voice, savor that lovely smile and adore that spirit, and you’ll wonder if there isn’t anyone among the musicians that hasn’t fallen for her.

Anne may have come from a pop-song culture and background, but this CD shows that she is totally jazz. We’ve been waiting for you, Anne. Give us another disc soon! Jeremy: raise the difficulty level, for Anne needs it to take her singing to the next level.

Recorded, mixed and mastered in late 2004 by Paul Tavenner of Big City Recording, Los Angeles, this CD sounds pristine and spacious. Kudos to May Audio Marketing for introducing fine music into the States.

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