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AV Show HK 2022, Part 4

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One of the more relaxing sounding rooms was from Western Electric with speakers older than me, the 753C speakers.  Western Electric had their new SET amplifier on display.  The sound was smooth and one of my favorites.  I would be interested to hear the speakers on stands or tilted up to perhaps improve the image height.

Western Electric


Fyne Speakers with Accuphase was a fine sounding combination.  Accuphase is a very popular brand in Hong Kong and are seemingly everywhere.

Fyne / Accuphase


Wilson Audio with CH Precision and Jadis

CH Precision

Sigma Acoustics and MSB Technologies

These speakers needed a much larger room but still managed a pleasing presentation.


YG Acoustics, Kronos, and Soulution


Wharfedale Elysian 2

Wharfedale Elysian 2  with dedicated stands – The sound was pretty good considering the Gymnasium sized room shared with several other brands.


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