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CAS 4 – Best In Show

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Ok, I’m kidding, but I couldn’t not mention that the “New England Lobster Market & Eatery” was by far the best lobster I have eaten outside of Maine. I understand they supply lobster to many of the seafood restaurants in the Bay Area. Whatever they were doing, it was GREAT!!!!

New England Lobster - Near CAS4

Best Audio System At CAS 4 – Loggie Audio and Acapella Audio Arts’ Room

Hermann Winters of Acapella Audio Arts of Germany is one of the true gentlemen of the audio world. He also has a really contagious sly sense of humor.

Acapella was debuting their Atlas speakers that sell for a cool $99,000. They are striking and artistic looking, but I suspect their looks will be an either love or hate thing.

The rest of the system consisted of Acapella’s new LaMusica integrated amplifier. When I asked Mr. Winters how much it was, he answered, “expensive.” He was right: It sells for $99,400. It is a hybrid amp utilizing E182CC tubes and all silver wire. The source was Einstein’s The Source II CD Player and all the cabling was provided by Acapella.

Hermann Winters of Acapella Audio Arts of Germany and Atlas Speaker

Loggie Audio had a prime location just off the lobby on the way to the elevators. I can’t tell you the number of times I watched passersby turn around and go into the room when they heard the sound from out in the hall; I have to admit it happened to me several times. Jim Smith says, that how a system sounds from just outside the room is one of the best indications of how good it truly is and I would agree. Home systems that sound good only from the listening chair never seem to have the long term musicality of those that sound good from other rooms in the house.

The sound in this room was dialed in by Saturday and on Saturday and Sunday it sounded really good every time I went by. I’ve heard Acapella speakers at several shows and in a couple of homes, but I’ve never heard them sound so much like music. I’ve heard the Triolon Excaliburs with a room full of ultra expensive acoustic treatments. Every time I’ve heard them they have been impressive, but this is the first time they truly moved me and it was without any room treatment. I don’t know if it’s the new speaker or the integrated amp, but I know this is the room I spent the most time in at the show and enjoyed the largest range of music on.

Well, that ends my show reports from the 2013 CAS. It was a blast and I can’t wait until next year. Thanks again to Constantine for all his hard work; I suspect that very few people have any idea how much work a show is and even fewer who would take on the job.

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