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CAS10 Exhibitors

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Aaudio Imports. Room: Lobby Pavilion. System details.
– Grimm Audio
– Stage III Concepts Ckahron (pronounced KAI-RON) XLR Interconnects. $16,500/pair
Wilson Benesch A.C.T. 3zero loudspeakers. MSRP $54,000 per pair.
Ypsilon Electronics Phaethon Silver Edition integrated hybrid amplifier. MSRP $56,000.

High End By Oz. Room: Lobby Platinum Ballroom, Gold Ballroom (separate exhibits)
S.I.N. Audio BSD10 Anniversary Edition power distributor.
Viva Audio NUDA horn loudspeaker system. MSRP 165,000 USD per pair.
Lansche No. 7.2 Corono Plasma Tweeter speaker system.
Thrax Audio Teres class A/B hybrid mono amplifiers.
Viva Audio Solista integrated amplifier.
Hifistay audio racks.
Albedo Silver Cables.


Voxativ Acoustic Technologies: Parlor Suite 1107


Audio Note UK. Room 1222

The Lotus Group. Parlor Suite 1211
– Gestalt Audio
– SW1x Audio Design
– Pranawire



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