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CAS7 Richard Austen Reports, Part 3

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Fritzspeakers/Channel D/WyWires
I wandered into the Fritzspeakers/Channel D/WyWires Exhibit late on Sunday and auditioned the system at quite a high volume. Most speakers this size can’t get anywhere near this level of drive portraying larger scale music. I was able to play “I’ve Got You Under My Skin” by Patrick Williams and His Big Band and the relatively small Fritzspeakers Carrera SE had some bigger impact than many other speakers of this size typically muster. This is another room where I would have preferred to hear it with different sources and amplifiers (ahem: tubes). There was a moisture to trumpet without it sounding overly bright.
I enjoyed the Carrera SE and I like the fact that Fritzspeakers gives you plenty of options on driver types and finishes. And because Fritzspeakers are an easy and stable load you can run lower powered tube or even medium powered SET amplifiers. I’d really like to hear these speakers with a good tube amplifier and a dedicated high quality CD player.

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