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CAS7 Richard Austen Reports, Part 3

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Spatial Audio/Vinnie Rossi
Continuing with coverage of rooms with speakers under $10,000 that I feel offer good sound for the money, here is the Spatial Audio/Vinni Rossi room. This system generated a nice sweet sound with no bass issues. Unfortunately, they did not have a CD player which left me without the ability to play known tracks. The particular piece of music was classical and seemingly without much center fill. Nevertheless, I liked what I heard. There is some terrific potential here, enough that I would like to review one of their smaller open baffle designs. This room had the very affordable M3 Triode Master speakers at $3,995 as well as a model I believe that start sat $1,995. I had only a brief audition on the last day but sometimes that is all it takes to know that something is quite special.
Now here a few things that really excited me about Spatial Audio. First, the couple running the room are hugely passionate about their product. Second, they offer a 60-day trial and have a huge 20-year warranty. Third, you can upgrade the speakers, so if you previously purchased their older speakers you can get them upgraded to this new version. Fourth, the specs of these speakers state that they are 95dB sensitive and 16ohm, which should make them exceptionally easy to drive for SET amplifiers. The Vinni Rossi amplifier is more than enough power and it should be noted that they, too, offer a long 10-year warranty on their amplifiers. There was a lot of value in this room. I definitely wish I had had the extra day my fellow reviewers had to cover rooms like Spatial Audio. Hopefully next year.

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