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Chet Atkins & Les Paul, John Fogerty, Steppenwolf, Record Reviews

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Chet Atkins & Les Paul – Chester and Lester

Studio Recordings from Baden-Baden 1958-59
Exhibit Records – Audio Fidelity
180g Audiophile Vinyl Gatefold Package!
Mastered By Kevin Gray at Cohearent Audio!
Pressed at RTI

Musicians: Chet Atkins, guitar, Les Paul, guitar, Randy Goodrum, piano, Henry Strzelecki or Bob Moore, bass, Larrie Londin, drums, Paul Yandell, Ray Edenton, or Bobby Thompson – rhythm guitar

Side A:
1. It’s Been A Long Time
2. Medley: Moonglow / Picnic (Theme from “Picnic”)
3. Caravan
4. It Had To Be You
5. Out of Nowhere
Side B:
1. Avalon
2. Birth of the Blues
3. Someday Sweetheart
4. Deed I Do
5. Lover Come Back To Me

For years the LP Chet Atkins in Hollywood was on Harry Pearson’s “Super Disc” list. I have two copies of it and it surely is a great sounding LP, and if you think it’s good you need to hear this recording. Maybe the soundstage isn’t as good or maybe the recording is not quite as “audiophile approved”, but the sound is very, very good and the music is just spectacular.

I love the selections here and the addition of Les Paul to Chet Akins is just pure magic. I cannot imagine a record I would recommend more.

John Fogerty – “Wrote A Song For Everyone”

Studio Recordings from Baden-Baden 1958-59
Vanguard 180 gram, 2LPs
LP1 – Side A:
1. Fortunate Son (with Foo Fighters)
2. Almost Saturday Night (with Keith Urban)
3. Lodi (with Shane Fogerty & Tyler Fogerty)
4. Mystic Highway
LP1 – Side B:
1. Wrote A Song For Everyone (with Miranda Lambert feat. Tom Morello)
2. Bad Moon Rising (with Zac Brown Band)
3. Long As I Can See The Light (with My Morning Jacket)
4. Born On the Bayou (with Kid Rock)
LP2 – Side C:
1. Train of Fools
2. Someday Never Comes (with Dawes)
3. Who’ll Stop the Rain (with Bob Seger)
LP2 – Side D:
1. Hot Rod Heart (with Brad Paisley)
2. Have You Ever Seen the Rain (with Alan Jackson)
3. Proud Mary (with Jennifer Hudson feat. Allen Toussaint and the Rebirth Brass Band)

As far as I’m concerned there is only one thing missing that keeps this album from being perfect: “Centerfield.” That’s it, if Fogerty’s great song “Centerfield” had been on this album I would have just called it perfect. At first glance, before I listened, some of the guests made be a little nervous, but those nerves were unfounded.

I was really shocked by how much I liked “Fortunate Son” performed with the Foo Fighters. It was a great, rockin’ number. Each and every number brought back great memories, though I have to admit that my favorite number was “Who’ll Stop the Rain” with Bob Seger.

The sound is nearly as good as the music, making this a must have LP for any CCR fan.

Steppenwolf – “STEPPENWOLF”

Studio Recordings from Baden-Baden 1958-59
Pressed at Quality Record Pressings
Mastered by Kevin Gray at Cohearent Audio
Tip-on Jacket printed on Metallic Foil Stock to match the Original
Side A:
1. Sookie Sookie
2. Everybody’s Next One
3. Berry Rides Again
4. Hootchie Kootchie Man
5. Born To Be Wild
6. Your Wall’s Too High
Side B:
1. Desperation
2. The Pusher
3. A Girl I Knew
4. Take What You Need
5. The Ostrich

It was 1969 and I was 15 years old and going to college prep school. One Saturday afternoon some of us slipped into the movie theater in San Marcos, Texas to see “Easy Rider.” After we left the movie we pooled our money to buy this LP. It had been released in 1968, but after we watched “Easy Rider” and heard “Born to be Wild” we had to have it.

The original album cover – not the reissue’s – was really cool being done with a silver foil. APO has painstakingly recreated this cover for this 200-gram QRP pressing of this iconic psychedelic rock album. I haven’t heard this album in years, but the sound was better than I expected though the music wasn’t quite as good as I remembered, but I’m still glad I bought it.

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One Response to Chet Atkins & Les Paul, John Fogerty, Steppenwolf, Record Reviews

  1. David says:

    It’s nice to see an acknowledgment of “Chester & Lester”. This has long been one of my desert island albums. The interplay, virtuosity and good humor always brings a smile to my face. I had the good fortune of seeing Les in New York a couple of times and his good-nature comes across in this recording.
    And the reissue has superior sonics compared to my three other “Nice Price” LPs!
    Thanks again,

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