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Eficion F300M Satellite Speakers Review

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About a year ago I had the pleasure of reviewing a speaker that was to become my personal reference, the Eficion F300. My strong feelings for this speaker have only grown even stronger as I got to know them better, and had the opportunity to really “dial them in” to my room and system. Fortunately for me, I was able to keep them in place in my main system all year as I was not asked to review speakers last year ,and instead have been reviewing electronics and source components. This has enabled me to experience the Eficion throughout the year, and as a result rediscover much of my music collection in the manner that they reproduce music versus my previous full-range electrostatics.

Last summer, I decided that I wanted to start building a reasonably good Home Theater system downstairs and reached out to Peigen Jiang, owner and designer of Eficion, regarding the Eficion line of speakers for Home Theater. At his suggestion, I bought the standard Home Theater set of three F300M’s, complete with dedicated stands. The Eficion F300M’s are essentially the 2-way, 3-driver top portion of the Eficion F300 speaker system. The fact is that the Eficion F300 top-of-the-line speaker system is actually comprised of the F300M satellite speakers and the F300S dedicated woofer. For the past nine months, the three small F300M’s have contributed their extraordinary voice to my otherwise very modest, burgeoning downstairs Home Theater System.

Eficion F300M Speaker

The Eficion lineup is comprised of four distinct speaker collections: F100 Series, F200, F250, and the top-of-the-line F300. The collection I have focused on is the F300, which is comprised of the superb F300 speaker system, F300M satellite unit, F300S woofer, and the F300M optional dedicated stands. The F300M is a 2-way, 3-driver vented box design that features a large 5 1/8” x 1 3/16” forward firing wide bandwidth air motion transformer unit that is crossed over to a 6.5” lightweight carbon fiber woofer with a shorting ring and a massive 2” voice coil. A rear-firing aluminum ribbon super tweeter is blended in to supplement the extreme highs and spatial cues. The Eficion F300M satellites and dedicated stands are the subject of this review.

Installation and Setup

The Eficion F300M speakers, much like the 2-piece F300, are available in several finishes, Piano Black, Rosewood, Santos Rosewood, Cherry, and Maple. My F300M’s — as is the case with my main F300’s — are superbly finished in Piano Black. In fact, the only way to tell F300 and the F300M’s apart is to look at the rear of the speaker. The F300M’s have but a single pair of binding posts versus the bi-wire F300’s that has two pairs of posts. Other than that visual difference, the two units are essentially the same and indistinguishable from the front and side views.

The dedicated stands are also beautifully finished in Piano Black and create an elegant visual effect when the F300M units are placed on top of them. The stands themselves are quite hefty despite the fact that they are essentially void, wooden boxes. Once proper placement is achieved, you can remove the top plate of the stand and fill them with your deadweight of choice. In my case, I normally use 100 lbs of sealed bags of play sand from Home Depot.

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